Russia revealed the secret to shortening the preparation time of Covid-19 vaccine
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Russia revealed the secret to shortening the preparation time of Covid-19 vaccine

Modern research methods allow for the pre-production of prototypes against possible epidemiological strains, according to the director of the Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of Russia, Alexander Gintsburg.

In an interview with the Rossiya-1 television station, Gintsburg affirmed that modern methods could even reduce the time needed to prepare a vaccine to one month if needed.

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“Current genetic engineering methods allow the pre-production of prototypes to prevent epidemiological strains that might emerge, as we had anticipated. Those prototypes could be developed first, and only need to be saved. stored in the refrigerator as a special medicine. This could reduce the time it takes to develop a new vaccine to 1 month, even in less time, instead of 5 months, “said the expert. stronger.

Earlier, when talking with Russian news agency RT, Mr. Gintsburg said that valuable experiences in vaccines against infectious diseases such as Ebola and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) have helped The Russian scientist found the Covid-19 vaccine faster than expected. Although the vaccine has only been in development for less than five months, it is not “prepared without any prior preparation,” he added.

“A whole generation of biotechnology experts, virologists and immunologists … have developed over 20 years of developing the technology used to make this vaccine along with at least six drugs. other “, Mr. Gintsburg told RT.

Gamaleya Institute director added that the study of the GamEvac-Combi vaccine against Ebola a few years ago was particularly useful in determining the components and doses of vaccinations. Experts also synthesized knowledge during the development of the MERS vaccine, which is “80% similar” to Covid-19 but much more dangerous.

The Russian Ministry of Health, on August 15, announced that it would begin mass production of a Covid-19 vaccine called Sputnik V, a product of the Gamaleya Institute.

Facing doubts about the safety and the short time to develop the vaccine, Mr. Gintsburg affirmed that this bio-product was researched and manufactured according to the current strict Russian regulations, although it was shortened but not any safety procedure has been omitted.

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Russia began production of the Covid-19 vaccine

Russia began production of the Covid-19 vaccine

The Russian Ministry of Health said on August 15 that the country had started the production of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Institute for Scientific Research on Epidemiology and Microbiology.

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Trump praised the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, the CDC made a surprise statement

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