Russia rejected rumors about Putin, arrested Navalny protesters

Russia rejected rumors about Putin, arrested Navalny protesters

(News 24h) – Russian opposition politician accused Putin of owning a luxury villa on the beach, the Kremlin officially denied.

TASS news agency quoted information from the Kremlin commenting on allegations of opposition political activist Alexei Navalny that President Vladimir Putin owns a lavish mansion on the Black coast, nearly 18,000 square meters. , worth more than 1.3 billion USD.

Russia confessed to Mr. Putin, started by Navalny
Mr. Navalny believes that President Putin owns a $ 1.3 billion mansion on the Black Sea coast.

Accordingly, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the allegations of assets of the Russian President were just unfounded rumors and “completely nonsense”.

“Huge real estate has nothing to do with Putin. The Kremlin does not care who owns it, “Peskov said.

“Navalny’s allegations have been repeated many times. Years ago, we also explained that Mr. Putin does not own any palaces, “Peskov added.

Earlier, news of the Putin villa was mentioned in a video released by opposition activist Navalny. Mr. Navalny called the video a “presidential investigation” and accused the villa on the property of Putin.

“The security barrier is impregnable. The area is 39 times larger than the Principality of Monaco. A private pier. A private church. A private checkpoint. There is even a no-fly zone set up in Putin’s separate kingdom. It was built in the heart of Russia “- Mr. Navalny accused.

Mr. Navalny added that the villa in the video is located in the luxury real estate south of the Black Sea and measures 17,691 square meters. The villa also has an ice skating rink, a dance floor and a vineyard.

With news related to the property of Russia’s most powerful man, Navalny’s video quickly attracted the attention of the public.

Mr. Navalny’s video quickly attracted more than 22 million views on YouTube.

Mr. Navalny will appear in court on February 2 for alleged “fraud and libel”. This politician confirmed the allegations to prevent him from running for Russian president in the future.

When he was detained before the trial, Mr. Navalny constantly updated his situation on social media.

In his first post-detention message, Mr. Navalny said he had a stable emotional and psychological state, would not kill himself in prison, and thanked his supporters.

“I have no intention of hanging from a window or cutting blood vessels with a sharp spoon. I used the stairs very carefully and they measured my blood pressure every day, so the sudden heart attack was ruled out. I have a stable psychological and emotional state ”- Mr. Navalny wrote on Instagram on 22/1.

Russia confessed to Mr. Putin, started by Navalny
Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny thanked her supporters. Photo: The Moscow Times

At the detention place, Mr. Navalny also called on supporters to go to the streets to protest against him being tried.

“I know there are good people out there and that help pays off” – Mr. Navalny knew.

Mr Navalny said young Russians have been creating trends on TikTok social media that they have prepared for the January 23 rally, replacing a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin in their room with a photo of Mr. Navalny. .

TikTok has removed the videos calling for these protests.

On January 23, many protesters took to the streets to appeal for Mr. Navalny’s support in several cities in Russia. Protests were recorded in 66 cities in Russia, including Moscow’s capital, Western media reported.

Russia confessed to Mr. Putin, started by Navalny
Security barriers were set up at the rally in support of Mr. Navalny.

The Russian Prosecutor General’s office said on state television that those who took part in the illegal protests could be charged with “disturbing public order”.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the police “will ensure the necessary order.”

Russia confessed to Mr. Putin, started by Navalny
Riot police arrested a participant in an illegal protest supporting Alexei Navalny in Khabarovsk, Russia, on January 23. Photo: TASS

Security fences have been set up in Moscow and arrests for disturbing public order have been recorded.

Despite the freezing temperatures, more than 15,000 people took part in demonstrations in cities across Russia’s Far East and Siberia, Meduza news agency reported. According to the OVD-Info surveillance group, at least 174 people have been in police custody. Clashes between police and protesters took place in Vladivostok, said Russian pro-democracy websites.

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