Russia reclaimed diplomatic assets from the United States
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Russia reclaimed diplomatic assets from the United States

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Russia cannot reclaim its diplomatic assets in the United States despite the alleged COVID-19 epidemic.

On June 5, the Permanent Deputy Representative of the United Nations, Gennady Kuzmin, announced that Russia had asked the UN to intervene in the US return of Russian diplomatic assets in New York.

The Russians are at the outskirts of the United States
Embassy of Russia in New York

Specifically, when the Governor of New York State declared a state of emergency about the increasing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian side requested that the United States return the Russian diplomatic assets that were confiscated by the US side. From 2017, to implement the prevention, isolation measures in accordance with the regulations for COVID-19.

“When the New York governor declared a state of emergency over the increasing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, we requested that our properties be returned to the delegation’s staff for use to reduce minimizing the risk of spreading corona virus “- Kuzmin said the UN extraordinary meeting on relations with host countries.

According to Kuzmin, there has been no response from the US to this Russian note.

“They informed our embassy in Washington that we should not expect a positive response,” he said, adding that Russia had sent a letter to the UN Secretary General asking him to “join. get into this situation and make sure the property is returned. “

The Russian diplomat stressed that the US action violated the host country’s agreement.

On September 2, 2017, the US government shut down the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco, a commercial office in Washington, and an office in New York.

These two facilities were previously the property of the Russian government and enjoyed diplomatic immunity. Moscow described the confiscation of Russian diplomatic assets as a public hostile step and urged the United States to return the facilities immediately.

Washington’s move came after Russia responded to US action over the case of former Soviet spy Sergei Skripal and his poisoned daughter in Britain.

At that time, the United States deported many Russian diplomats and shut down Russian consular and diplomatic facilities in the United States, deprived of immunity and regained diplomatic ownership. In response to US moves, Moscow deported 60 US diplomats and closed the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg.

Earlier, on March 26, 2018, Washington closed the Russian consulate general in Seattle (rented premises) and the consulate’s residence (Russian property).

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