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Russia may ban students from using the phone at school because of fear of neglect

Using phones in schools is becoming a painful problem in many countries around the world. In addition to the measures of deterrence, propaganda to hard, the situation is not much changed. Especially in Russia, the country's legislature is considering a draft that prohibits all students in schools from being allowed to use the phone in any way.

According to the head of the Federal Council and President of the Senate of Russia, the above draft is entirely appropriate because the phone makes both teachers and students lose focus on the school.

Valentina Matviyenko, a spokeswoman for the Russian parliament, affirmed that many teachers, principals and parents are worried that the phone will distract students, especially with primary school students. Instead of communicating with each other or participating in physical activities during the break like before, they will pick up the phone and play games, and forget how to communicate with each other.

However, Matviyenko said that the ban on using phones in schools is quite delicate. She proposes to install additional special lockers in the school to keep the phone for the duration of the school until the student leaves.

According to the assignment, the Russian consumer protection and supervision agency and the Russian educational institute are working together to develop a set of rules for using phones at schools before the new school year.

Despite the right or wrong proposals, according to the latest poll of Deti, 80% of parents rejected the draft. 43% of the 10,000 respondents said that students have the right to bring phones to schools. Besides, 38% of people said that they did not care about the ban but emphasized that children should use the phone with simple features like listening and calling to make contact with parents.

The fathers and mothers all said that the phone was needed to communicate with their children. In other words, parents are accepting to change the quality of education for their children's safety.

Also in the survey, 50% of parents admitted phones made their children more focused on learning.

Another study from the Superjob site asked 300 teachers to propose a new ban. As a result, 6 out of 10 people affirmed that their phones are obstructing their learning process and distracting them. Some people also expressed concern that electronic waves will harm students' health.

If the proposal is approved, the ban on school phones can be applied from September 1. Before Russia, a number of countries also soon issued a ban on the use of phones in schools, such as France.

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