Russia made clear when the German newspaper distorted it not to buy Sputnik V

Russia made clear when the German newspaper distorted it not to buy Sputnik V

Russia’s TASS news agency on May 9 published a statement from the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) showing the response to offensive articles related to Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine negotiation contracts with German partners. .

Russia said it was bad when Duc told him not to buy Sputnik V
Vaccine Sputnik V from Russia.

Accordingly, the RDIF said the Russian vaccine could be made available to Germany in June. Negotiations on that issue continued.

“Negotiations with Germany on vaccine purchases continue. Sputnik V vaccine may be made available to Germany this June and will not affect availability to other countries,” the statement said.

The RDIF denied the allegations that it had failed to negotiate the sale of the Sputnik V vaccine to Germany, as previously reported by Bild. The publication of such fake news as part of a disinformation campaign aimed at preventing the use of Russian pharmaceutical products from entering the European market, RDIF said.

“Recently, the Bild newspaper published more than 15 articles attacking the Sputnik V vaccine, containing inaccurate content, information from anonymous sources” – RDIF said in a statement.

There is “an active and sponsored campaign against Russian vaccines, aimed at discrediting the Russian vaccine in many different countries,” an RDIF spokesman said.

“There are many well-documented cases in the history of the pharmaceutical industry when big companies used the media to attack competitors to monopolize the market. We believe the war of information is against. Vaccines are unethical and undermine much-needed vaccination efforts around the world, “the foundation said.

RDIF notes, vaccine developers Sputnik V also maintains transparency and information fully and continues to work within the framework of the European Health Authority (EMA), despite the persistent pressure from pharmaceutical giants and political forces to block vaccine approval in the EU.

Earlier, on Sunday, the Bild newspaper published an article, citing an unnamed source in the German Economy Ministry as saying that Russia would not be able to start shipping Sputnik V to Germany before August due to delays in production. Export and supply agreement with India. The German newspaper also argued that negotiations with Berlin on this issue were “over” basically.

Russia said it was bad when Duc told him not to buy Sputnik V
The cover of the Bild newspaper showed that the Sputnik V vaccine was ‘really dead’.

Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines are currently approved for use in the EU, while Russia’s Sputnik V is still under review by the EMA. In previous statements, Russian health officials said, the EU has now completed the first test with the Russian vaccine. They will conduct a second inspection at vaccine production facilities on May 10 and are expected to review the Russian vaccine registration approval in the first week of June. The World Health (WHO) will be doing the same check with observers at the EMA.

Currently, Pfizer’s market share is estimated at more than 50% in 23 out of 28 EU countries. The recent € 35 billion ($ 42.5 billion) agreement between the EU and Pfizer for 1.8 billion doses of vaccine has become the largest international contract for vaccines since the beginning of the pandemic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described Pfizer’s competitive tactics as “quite aggressive,” Sputnik News said.

Several federal countries in Germany have announced plans to unilaterally buy Sputnik V but are still waiting for the federal plan while the Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration still requires vaccines to be approved by the EMA first.

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