Russia is ready to script disconnected from the global Internet

Russia is ready to script disconnected from the global Internet

In an interview with Russian media recently, Dmitry Medvedev, Vice Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, mentioned a possibility of Russia being disconnected from the World Wide Web.

Russian sanitized you love to bring Internet completely arrogant
Russia asserted that all situations were punished and disconnected from the global Internet.

Accordingly, Mr Medvedev said that the US retains “important controls” over the Internet, which could cause Russia to disconnect from the global Internet “if something unusual happens.”

Pointing to another example, he also said Russia could also be disconnected from the SWIFT international payment system – one of the US sanctions threats against the country.

Although this situation may be happening in a limited capacity, Russia already has legal and technological readiness, Mr. Medvedev said.

“We had to create our own information transmission system to be able to exchange electronic messages if this happened suddenly” – Mr. Medvedev added, emphasizing that this does not mean Russia is willing to isolate the Internet from the world by having no reason for that or calling it “a double-edged sword”.

Russian officials have long advocated building their own intranet, or ‘sovereign Internet’, in response to a scenario of being punished by disconnecting from the global Internet.

Commenting on the statement of Mr. Medvedev, the head of TelecomDaily news agency Denis Kuskov added that, in the face of the possibility of internal intervention by foreign countries by disconnecting from the World Wide Web, Russia already has an internal program. the set.

“In general, we will be isolated but we will still be able to use the Internet, in particular Runet. Still can use domestic utilities, check e-mail, view content and more. more … “- Mr. Kuskov said.

Since 2019, Russia has taken steps to prepare and in December 2019 announced the completion of its internal network test for the first time.

The announcement that the Russian government issued on December 23, 2019 said that this is a plan that they carefully calculated in advance. All of the country’s telecommunications service providers and government agencies participated in the trial that was conducted for several days.

The purpose of the Russian government to conduct a “disconnect from the global Internet” test is to collect data to build Runet – Russia’s own independent Internet, protecting the country from real attacks. exposed by hackers and outside threats.

The test was conducted over several days with the participation of local Russian government agencies, service providers and Internet companies.

Russian telecom operators have been testing DPI equipment in their traffic filtering systems. The purpose of this is to create independent infrastructure, ensuring websites still function well in case Russian telecom operators lose connection to foreign Internet servers.

With huge internet traffic in Russia rerouted through testing, RuNet has become the largest intranet in the world.

Russian sanitized you love to bring Internet completely arrogant
President Putin affirmed that building an internal Internet is necessary in every possibility of being attacked and punished.

The Russian government has yet to reveal any technical details in the tests. According to ZDNet revealed, the Russian government has tested and simulated a number of possible hypotheses, including an emergency cyber attack from foreign hostile forces.

“Basically, both the government and the telecom operators are ready to respond to possible risks and threats to ensure the Internet can operate stably in Russia,” said Alexei Sokolov. , Deputy Director of the Russian Ministry of Digital and Communication Development said in the press conference.

At a press conference at the end of 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that a free internet and a sovereign internet do not contradict each other.

“The act is aimed at just one thing – preventing negative consequences from being disconnected from the global network, the right to control this is mainly overseas. We will not move towards closing down. internet and does not intend to do so “- Putin confirmed.

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