Russia is punishing the US for its mistakes in the Arctic

Russia is punishing the US for its mistakes in the Arctic

(International relations) – The American short-sighted policies in the Arctic will seriously threaten US national security and strategy – RealClearDefense portal.

Military experts Charles Jacoby and Ryan Burke said that the US indifference to the polar regions created serious holes in the national strategy.

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The Russian Navy is actively consolidating its position in the Arctic.

Experts predict that, when the climate changes in the 21st century, it will lead to increased competition of great powers in the Arctic and will inevitably spread to Antarctica. They believe that the strategic importance of the polar regions is growing and will continue to increase exponentially. That is why political competition is inevitable.

Polar regions are very unstable from a political standpoint. As they develop, including trade, interactions between nations will occur, the war for interests will intensify, and risks of military conflict will emerge.

Jacoby and Burke warn that a random ship collision or maneuver off the coast of Alaska could cause tensions to escalate to the point of conflict.

They also argued that the United States was not interested in Russia continuing to expand its military presence in the Arctic, as it viewed such steps as an increase in defense potential to protect assets. economy of Russia. However, this gives Moscow enormous military capabilities in the Arctic and poses a serious threat to the United States.

Jacoby and Burke admit that the Arctic presents a challenge to the US defense. Gaps in communication, understanding of the Arctic and a lack of infrastructure make the northern borders of the United States and Alaska very vulnerable.

They assert that the Arctic and Antarctica are directly related to the security of the United States and its important allies. According to them, Antarctica will eventually become a field of strategic confrontation like the Arctic and according to the current situation Russia and China will be ahead of the United States.

Due to the harsh natural conditions, the Arctic and Antarctic regions do not play a major role in the political dispute and pose no threat of armed confrontation, according to US experts. However, if it were confirmed that no one wanted to fight in the poles, it could be a fatal mistake.

American experts warn that, if the United States cannot direct itself and respond to challenges, it will be left behind. And to catch up with the North Pole and keep up with the South Pole, the United States needs the help of its allies.

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