Russian LGBT community marches in St. Petersburg city Petersburg, opposed the ban on homosexual propaganda in May 2013. Photo: AFP.

Russia investigates videos of children talking to gay people

Russian police launched an investigation into "sexual violence" related to the LGBT community video series for talking with children.

The investigated videos were posted on YouTube by an account called "Real Talk", recording interviews of children under 14 with a transgender person, a former porn actress and gays. The videos above were posted in December last year and have now been removed.

"Investigators questioned the person responsible for the footage and were trying to identify the victims," ​​a statement from a Russian investigation commission said Monday. The videos showed that "minors and children have discussed various sexual issues with adults," the investigating committee added, calling the content of the program "" harmful information. "

In Russia, "sexual violence" can face a prison term of 12 to 20 years.

Russian LGBT community marches in St. Petersburg city Petersburg, opposed the ban on "same-sex propaganda" in May 5/2013. Image: AFP.

In the video, Meduza said in a video, a man who introduced himself as homosexuals tested children's understanding of homosexuality and explained it was normal. The children asked him how he realized his real gender and whether he wanted to raise a child or not. One of the videos has reached over 2 million views.

In September, Piotr Tolstoi, deputy chairman of the Russian House of Representatives, said he informed the Interior Ministry about the videos. In late October, Tolstoi announced on Facebook that the Interior Ministry had agreed to open an investigation into the videos because it could violate the 2013 "propaganda gay propaganda" ban.

The Russian LGBT community regularly faces discrimination. In 2013, the country enacted a law against "gay propaganda", which prohibited "promoting non-traditional lifestyles for minors".

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