Russia intensified bombing of Central Vietnam, and pulled troops into northern Syria

Russia intensified bombing of Central Vietnam, and pulled troops into northern Syria

(News 24h) – The fighting situation in Syria has been tense for a long time, but has suddenly been accelerated in recent days.

Currently, the Russian Aerospace Forces are inflicting heavy blows on jihadists in central Syria, but at the same time, the Russian military police (VP) are pulling forces to the north of the country.

At the same time, the US military deployed another convoy from Iraq to reinforce their group in eastern Syria, Lebanon’s online edition Al-Masdar News (AMN) writes.

Russia endures the bombing of Central Vietnam, the glue in Syria
Russia is increasing its military activities in Syria

The Russians continued to carry out missile airstrikes and bombings at ISIS jihadist objects and clusters in desert areas in three Syrian provinces.

In the northeastern part of Homs province, the Badiya al-Sukhna region was hit hard. In the east of Hama prefecture – in the As-Saan region. In the south of Al Raqqa province – near the old city of Al-Resafa (Rusafa), where the main stronghold of jihadis is located, from which they launched attacks on SAA and the National Defense Force (NDF) ) – a volunteer military force created by the Syrian government.

In addition, Russian VP units continued the transfer of additional forces and assets to the frontline area of ​​Al-Hasakah province. In this region, pro-Turkish militants, supported by the Turkish Armed Forces, are trying to push the SAA and the Arab-Kurdish Union of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) out of some areas. Strategic settlement on the M4 highway (Aleppo (Aleppo) – border with Iraq), passing through the entire northern part of the country …

The Russians are deploying between the cities of Tal Tamr and Ain Isa. Here they will monitor compliance with the ceasefire. Prior to that, pro-Turkish attacks took place every day. Now they risk running into Russian soldiers.

Taking advantage of the current situation, the Americans continue to illegally transfer their forces and assets to Syrian territory. On January 21, 2021, another US military convoy, out of 40, crossed the Syrian-Iraqi border.

After that, officially Damascus once again asked Washington to withdraw its troops from Syria. A week earlier, the Americans sent a similar convoy to fortify their bases in the Al-Hasakah and Dair ez-Zor provinces, the Middle East media summarized.

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