Russia frantically exercises, Putin personally inspects the navy to shoot 'terrible' missiles
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Russia frantically exercises, Putin personally inspects the navy firing "terrible" missiles.

More than 30 warships and 40 aircraft participated in joint exercises between Russia's Black Sea and Northern twin ships, giving the public an opportunity to admire some of Moscow's most "deadly" weapons.

According to RT newspaper, the Kalibr cruise missiles were launched from two different types of launchers during a massive exercise in the Black Sea. The crew of Admiral Grigorovich and the small rocket battleship Orekhovo-Zuevo carried out a missile strike on the surface of the sea, while the Kolpino submarine fired a Kalibr rocket from underwater.

Kalibr missiles have been used in actual combat, contributing to the effectiveness of Russia's anti-terrorism campaign in Syria.

At the exercise, a pair of MiG-31K fighters took charge of testing the Kinzhal supersonic missiles at a seaside launch site. This weapon is one of the supersonic systems prepared to serve in the Russian military, along with the Avangard and Zircon (Tsirkon) missiles developed for the Navy. The aforementioned weapons are advertised to overcome any existing air defense system in the world by flying many times faster than the speed of sound and constantly rotating.

The warships Ivanovets and Naberezhnye Chelny of the Black Sea fleet also fired anti-ship missiles P-270 Moskit, while the coastal missile system Utyos destroyed the assumed target of enemy ships at sea.

Participants in the exercise were Su-30SM multi-role fighters, Su-24M bombers and Tu-95 strategic bombers. Russian President Vladimir Putin personally supervised maneuvers from the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser deck of the Northern Fleet.

Photo: Sputnik

Russian Navy commander-in-chief Nikolay Yevmenov reported to Putin that the exercise was successful, achieving all objectives. "Weapons have proven to be reliable when testing new versions. The military also shows professionalism," Mr. Yevmenov emphasized.

President Putin declared that the amount of new armaments equipped to the Russian Navy is expected to reach about 70%. Moscow will try to maintain that level to ensure Russia can "maintain and strengthen its position as one of the leading naval powers in the world".

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