Russia forced the scientist to sell technology to China

Russia forced the scientist to sell technology to China

Sputnik reported that the Yaroslavl Regional Court had just tried two former employees of the ODK-Saturn plant in Rybinsk (Yaroslavl Region) in connection with the illegal export of technology used to make Russian weapons to China.

Russia started listening to science for China
The ODK-Saturn factory headquarters in Rybinsk, Russia.

According to court records, in April 2018, when Mr. Vinogradov was no longer an employee of the ODK-Saturn factory, he signed a consulting and labor contract with a Chinese scientific institute to create a process. Complete precision casting according to the order of a Chinese facility.

Because he could not do this on his own, in April 2018, he brought along former ODK-Saturn colleague Krasilnikov, who had been with the company for nearly 40 years and had just quit.

The two scientists took advantage of the relationship with factory employees, who were not aware of the intentions of the two former factory employees, who were not clear that this was illegal, according to court records.

After that, Mr. Vinogradov moved to China in August 2019 while Mr. Krasilnikov continued to transmit necessary information by phone and e-mail.

Both were detained in October 2019 on the grounds that neither Chinese scientists and research institutes submitted their application under the regulatory process to obtain a license from the Federal Agency for Technical Control and Export to Russia to export (transfer) materials, high precision casting technology to foreign countries.

“Thus, in the period from September 2018 to October 27, 2019, Vinogradov A. and Krasilnikov A. have intentionally, for personal benefit, illegally transferred the technology, Scientific and technical information, performing the service provision can be used to manufacture weapons, military equipment and vehicles transporting weapons of mass destruction “- stated court records.

The court determined that scientist Vinogradov “possesses the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge about the features of casting technology, and is also aware that details of interest to foreign parties are used. in the creation of weapons, military equipment, and means of transporting weapons of mass destruction “. But this scientist was deliberately violated and must be dealt with.

Scientist Vinogradov was sentenced to 4 years of suspended prison term with a 3-year probation period and a fine of 800,000 rubles. His colleague Krasilnikov received a 3-year probationary period of 2 years and 6 months.

These are not the two latest alleged cases involving exchange of sensitive information with the Chinese side.

In June 2020, Russia accused one of its leading researchers on the Arctic of committing treason and providing sensitive information to China.

Russia started listening to science for China
Arctic researcher Valery Mitko. Photo: The Moscow Times

In early 2018, researcher Valery Mitko served as President of the Arctic Science Institute in St. Petersburg. Petersburg gave documents containing state secrets to Chinese intelligence at Dalian Maritime University (China) where he was a visiting professor.

According to Mr. Mitko’s lawyer, the aforementioned document is related to hydrography. This is sound research in water that is commonly used in underwater navigation, communication and submarine activity monitoring.

However, Mr. Mitko, 78, denies any wrongdoing. His lawyer also affirmed that all documents that this scientist brought from Russia to China for teaching service could be found outside.

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