Russia extends Hmeimim airport runway to welcome Tu-22M3?

Russia extends Hmeimim airport runway to welcome Tu-22M3?

Middle Eastern media published a photo showing Russia continuing to extend the runway at Hmeimim airbase, Moscow’s move caused a stir and led to a dispute over its real purpose.

According to experts, in 2017, after the siege of Deir es-Zor province by jihadists, the Russian Aerospace Forces decided to use long-range bombers to launch a major attack. into the enemy.

It is known that Tu-22M3 strategic bombers participated in this operation, but they can operate in Syria, Moscow needs Iran’s permission to use the airport on its land, otherwise the bombers would not have sufficient range, as they had taken off with full combat payload.

Unfortunately, it was due to some media noise that Iran refused to let Russian bombers continue to use its territory, which forced Moscow to strengthen its airport infrastructure. Hmeimim.

Russia on the Hmeimim airport route from Tu-22M3?
The runway for Hmeimim airport is being rapidly stretched

The stretching of the runway in Hmeimim was clearly due to the need for heavy bombers. The war in Syria has not yet ended and the Russian Air Force has recently resumed its combat mission, carrying out many bombardments against the central area of ​​the Special Administrative Region, active on the positions of the plates. IS troops.

As a result of the Russian attacks, terrorist groups south of Raqqa, East Hama and even northeastern Homs province suffered heavy losses. According to Al Masdar News, the Russian Army is strongly attacking jihadist bases, thereby actively supporting aerial firepower for the Syrian Army’s ground campaign.

Besides, according to some sources, the Russian Army in Syria is also preparing for a large-scale confrontation with Turkey. The Russian Il-76 heavy military transport aircraft with additional armored vehicles has arrived in the north of Syria, the site at Kamyshly military airport.

The expansion of the Hmeimim base once again shows that Russia intends to have a permanent military presence in Syria, even after the war is over, making it one of its most important overseas bases.

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