Russia entered a fierce confrontation in the Red Sea

Russia entered a fierce confrontation in the Red Sea

Back in November of last year, Moscow signed an agreement with Khartoum to set up a naval base in Sudan, as well as a logistics center. In return, Russia will send military advisers to this hot region and can also use the local airport to meet the needs of the military facility there.

In this way, according to the American press, Moscow is strengthening its maritime power, expanding the navy’s operational capabilities. Before that, the Russian Federation had secured its influence in the Mediterranean region through the Tartus base and the presence of the Wagner mercenaries in Libya.

But now the Red Sea is becoming a strategically important point for influential parties around the world. The Sudan port facility allows Moscow to expand its sphere of influence from the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean to the Red Sea along with the Indian Ocean.

The Sudanese base also marks Russia’s deeper penetration into Africa, whereby it has access to the exploitation of the “Black Continent” natural resources, as well as the ability to sign a deal. military agreement with African partners.

Russia started at the first conclusion of the decision at Bien Do
The Russian Navy wants to establish its position in the Red Sea area

Fixed itself in the Red Sea region, Russia is entering a fierce confrontation with other countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, as they are also creating their outpost in this area. .

It is possible that competition between Moscow and Ankara will intensify in this direction, until the politicians of the two countries find common interests, in a sense this is happening in Libya and Syria.

Abu Dhabi has teamed up with Moscow in Libya, jointly supporting the Libyan National Army – LNA led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, while the Saudis can see the arrival of Russians here as a new opportunity in the war. fight the Houthis armed forces in Yemen and ensure security in the Southern Red Sea.

Basically, the states in the Persian Gulf do not see the Russian Federation as a threat, in contrast to the United States and many Western countries, who impose difficult conditions on themselves.

The United States and China already have bases in the Horn of Africa, and they will face an increase in Russia’s presence – which can now conduct military operations near the narrowest points of the planet – including the al-Mandeb Strait and the Suez Canal.

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