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The Russian Federal Security Agency (FSB) press office in Dagestan said on February 6 that it destroyed a two-member terrorist group in this area. Officers of the Russian Federal Security Agency arrested the terrorists, found the whereabouts of weapons, explosive equipment and ammunition.

The VNA correspondent in Moscow quoted the Russian Federal Security Agency’s announcement that on February 5, the employees Federal Security Agency Russia Dagestan CH has coordinated with local authorities to conduct a raid campaign in the Dagestan Dagestan Derbent district, destroyed the terrorist group, arrested 2 members of this group, seized homemade explosives and weapons. gas and ammunition.

[Nga tiến hành phóng thử nghiệm sát thủ diệt tàu sân bay]

According to the Russian Federal Security Agency, the guys terrorism The company planned to carry out a series of crimes, including attacks on law enforcement officers and civilians. Authorities are preparing to open a criminal investigation of the incident./.

Tran Thi Quyen (VNA / Vietnam +)