Russia deepened the pain of "defeat of war" of the US
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Russia deepened the pain of “defeat of war” of the US

Two battles failed

Russia’s Sputnik website says the US is withdrawing most of its troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. The Russians observed that, through many years of war, the US never achieved the goal set for invasions, but only brought chaos to these countries.

The decision to withdraw was made by the US in the spring. To date, the US has only 8,500 soldiers and officers left in Afghanistan. As planned, by mid-October, the number would be reduced to 4,500.

This is the result of a peace agreement between the US government and the Taliban movement. According to this document, the Americans are obliged to withdraw their troops from five military bases within 14 months. In response, the Taliban pledged not to let Afghanistan become a base for terrorist organizations.

Russia suffers from the
The costly US war in Afghanistan has lasted 19 years

The war in Afghanistan is the longest war in American history. US troops entered the country in 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks. The target announced by the US is to fight international terrorism and the Taliban, which are believed to have sheltered Al-Qaeda chiefs.

The number of US expeditionary troops increased steadily and at one point reached 110,000. During 19 years of fighting, the United States lost more than 2,300 soldiers and about 20,000 were wounded.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Afghans are killed in mistaken airstrikes each year. In 2019, the Pentagon recognized more than one hundred civilian victims. However, according to analysts, the official figures are far from reality and the death toll is much higher.

Sergei Sudakov, a member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, was still unable to achieve significant success in the fight against terrorism, Sputnik quoted. The Americans gave the Afghan army improper anti-terrorism training. Despite billions of dollars in weapons and equipment aid from the US and dozens of training bases built, Afghans have never learned how to fight.

Expert Sudakov said that the most important thing is not the number of soldiers deployed in the country, but the results of the operation. The Americans have failed to stabilize the region and cannot deal with many terrorist groups.

Following Afghanistan, the US attacked Iraq in 2003 on the grounds of removing chemical weapons. Washington later accused President Saddam Hussein of supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Russia suffers from the
The smell of oil in Iraq made the US unable to give up the country

The Western coalition destroyed the Iraqi army in just one month. Although no chemical weapons were found, the West hunted for Mr. Hussein. After six months, this Iraqi leader was arrested, tried and hanged.

According to Sputnik, things only started here when Iraq plunged into a devastating sectarian war. Due to disagreements between the Shi’ite and Sunni people, bloodshed had begun, and tens of thousands of civilians died.

Meanwhile, Americans watched what was happening from behind the high fence of military bases, while trying to resolve the situation with the strategy of “The Big Wave”. More than 20,000 troops were added to Iraq to maintain order but failed to stop the wave of sectarian violence.

Not only that, in the face of the US increase, the local rebel forces became more active, but according to Sputnik, they shot at American targets, shot down helicopters and carried out attacks. terrorism. The violence killed thousands of people in Iraqi cities, while the losses in the US military increased.

American “stubbornness”

There are currently about 5,000 US troops in Iraq. President Donald Trump has promised to reduce the number of troops to 3,000. Sputnik quoted expert Andrei Chuprygin, a senior lecturer at the HSE School of Oriental Studies, explaining this was because American soldiers and officers felt less comfortable in Iraq.

“Recently, especially after Iran’s military leader Qassem Soleimani was murdered in Baghdad, the US situation in Iraq has not been very good,” said Chuprygin. The convoys continuously exploded, many missile attacks targeting US positions occurred. This makes them not want to stay in such areas ”.

Russia suffers from the
Iraqis protested against the US in Baghdad

According to Sputnik, the Americans failed to fulfill their mission in 2003. In particular, the United States failed to spread the ideas of “democracy and liberalism” in Iraq, which were also “lame. lame “in America itself. Iraq is now a hot spot in the Middle East.

Experts Chuprygin said: “Iraqi people today are only interested in one thing: survive, be dressed and have food, have a roof over their head. American or not, they don’t care. The psychology of rejection is getting stronger ”.

However, Sputnik quoted experts as saying that despite its reduced military presence, Washington is unlikely to fully withdraw from the Middle East processes. Instead, the US just changed its tactics to a “more peaceful” type.

According to Chuprygin, reality shows that President Trump is seriously thinking about the correctness of military intervention in the affairs of third countries. And expert Sudakov believes that the Americans will never completely leave Afghanistan. Private US military companies will remain in the country.

Russia suffers from the
The United States cuts back on troops but continues to maintain a permanent military presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan

“They will continue to solve practical problems,” explained Mr. Sudakov. Leaving the country means opening the border to the terrorists and losing intelligence, wiping out everything that has been built for years.

Returning to the war in Afghanistan, Americans, although clearly showing their intention to withdraw from the “quagmire”, are still trying to find “scapegoat” for their defeat. Most notably, US intelligence accuses Russia of “paying” for the Taliban to attack US targets.

In June, the Washington Post quoted a US intelligence assessment indicating that many US military personnel were murdered in Afghanistan, claiming that this was the result of Russia paying bonuses to gunmen. relationship with the Taliban.

Russian officials vehemently denied the allegations. Mr. Zamir Kabulov – Vladimir Putin’s special envoy to Afghanistan – said the intelligence was “completely fake news, something that even Trump and his administration have denied”. “Obviously there are forces in America that don’t want to withdraw from Afghanistan, they want to justify their failure,” he said.

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