Russia continues to construct the Northern flow 2

Russia continues to construct the Northern flow 2

The announcement of the project operating company Nord Stream 2 (Northern Flow 2) said the information above.

Previously, on January 15, the Danish government cleared Nord Stream to continue construction. To date, the project is about 94% completed, most of the pipeline laying will take place within Danish territorial waters.

On January 22, Fortuna returned to the waters in need of completion near the border between Denmark and Germany. The barge is laying the pipeline “in accordance with the existing agreements”.

These moves took place when on January 19, the United States threatened and imposed restrictions on Fortuna and the company that owned this ship, the KTV-RUS. Company assets are frozen and US citizens are generally prohibited from trading with this company.

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The controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline stretching from Russia to Germany is almost 94% complete

After the above incident, Gazprom admitted for the first time that construction can be delayed indefinitely, and in special cases even forever.

Difficulties with Nord Stream 2 are not over when EU lawmakers last week passed a resolution calling for the block to stop completing Nord Stream 2 in response to Russian authorities’ arrest of opposition politician Alexei. Navalny.

Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic countries strongly oppose the project, worrying that it will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian energy, which Moscow can use to exert political pressure.

Scientists are also concerned about possible negative effects on the climate.

Polish President Andrzej Duda supported the EU to impose further sanctions in an interview published on the Financial Times on January 24.

“If you want to enforce international law, the only option without guns, cannons and bombs is sanctions,” Duda said. “That is why we are willing to contribute to reach consensus on this issue.”

However, on January 21, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would not give up the project, even though it was the subject of bipartisan US sanctions. Ms. Merkel stated that she wanted to discuss with the new administration of President Joe Biden and the Navalny poisoning did not change her opinion.

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany along the Baltic seabed is expected to be operational by the end of 2019. However, completion of the project has been hampered, namely due to the threat of sanctions. fines from the US, which wants to sell liquefied natural gas from its sea to the European Union and cut down on the region’s dependence on Moscow’s energy supplies. It was also for this reason that European companies began to withdraw from the project.



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