The Russian Federation is currently working on the taxonomy of the first anti-aircraft modelNuclear cruiser Pyotr Velikiy (Image: NAVAL TODAY)

A source in the military’s industrial complex Russia February 6 said the bomber capable of carrying Tu-22M3M missile conducted an aerial test launch of the new Kh-32 anti-ship missile, which was equipped for the Russian army in 2016.

The modernized Tu-22M3M will become a vehicle equipped with this missile, and two missile prototypes are underway. experiment fly. “The upgraded Tu-22M3 has carried out a number of launches of Kh-32 cruise missiles, which will serve as the offensive weapon platform of the modernized Tu-22M3M bomber,” the source said. The test launch took place as part of routine sports product tests at the sports arena. “

The source also explained: “The Kh-32 is mainly aimed at attacking water targets and is called the assassin on carrierbecause the modern aircraft carrier group’s air defense system has a very low probability of intercepting such targets. “

He added that the missile is capable of destroying ground targets, including radar stations, with high accuracy. A series of test launches took place in 2020 to confirm the technical features of the mass-produced Kh-32, and to prepare for tests of capturing missiles from the new Tu-22M3M bomber.

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The Kh-32 supersonic cruise missile was developed to replace the Kh-22 missile in service Tu-22M3 bombers.

The Kh-32 missile uses an upgraded liquid-based rocket engine with greater thrust, digital radio equipment, including a digital computer complex, a radar station. active anti-interference and electronic coping systems. Rocket Mach 5 at an altitude of more than 30 km, with a range of 1,000 km./.

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