Russia clearly explained President Putin's statement

Russia clearly explained President Putin’s statement

On January 31, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov commented on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the World Economic Forum’s conference on the World Economic Forum in Davos 2021 (WEF) on Jan. 27, not inclined to stimulate. confrontation.

Russia enjoys the expression of President Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the 2021 Agenda Davos.

Accordingly, Mr. Peskov said that the view of some political scientists said that President Putin’s speech was a warning to countries that used pressure to punish Russia.

According to the Kremlin spokesperson, in his speech at the Davos week, the Russian president outlined the series of problems facing countries “with great clarity and possibly the first time in a way. such comprehensive formula “.

At that time, Mr. Putin emphasized that the world situation was reminiscent of the 1930s, and that the pandemic was exacerbating current problems.

President Putin said he hopes global conflict in the modern world will not happen, as it will lead to very dreadful consequences:

“The social and value crisis has and is having a negative impact on the world’s population, and humanity is at risk of the end of civilization and culture of the continents,” said the leader. Russia insists that the prevention of this risk is the global responsibility.

Accordingly, Putin noted bad trends such as the weakening of international structures, increasing regional conflicts – while the global security system is in decline.

He also talked about the tech giants’ problems and urged Europe to remove its obsession with Moscow.

The Russian leader also mentioned the trend of globalization and its consequences, namely that in recent decades, income in developed countries has increased but only among 1% of the population. In contrast, the income has not increased while the cost of medical services and education has tripled.

The Kremlin said that such a Russian president’s statement did not show any evidence of confrontation or warning.

“The truth is,” Mr. Peskov stressed.

The Kremlin secretary affirmed that Putin’s statement was not intended to confront other countries or warn them, but an attempt to achieve mutual understanding among politicians.

The fact is that President Putin has been misinterpreted about claims in international forums. Many politicians believe that the Russian President is geared towards the possibility of using nuclear weapons against countries against Russia. Therefore, the new Russian leader mentioned “total war in the world”, reiterating “World War 2”, and the destruction of human civilization.

Mr. Peskov cited Putin’s speech at the Munich security conference, which also encountered “hostile learning and seen as a confrontational statement”.

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