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Russia blockade the Black Sea, close to B-52H and US warships


According to the Center for Defense Control of Russia (NDCC) on January 23, the warship USS Donald Cook entered the Black Sea and is being closely watched by the Russian Fleet.

The arrival of USS Donald Cook is also the first time US warships have been present in this sea area since the beginning of 2021. The US Navy is stepping up operations along Russia’s maritime borders, especially in the Black Sea.

Russia sealed the Bien Den, the B-52H police and My hamster
Russian fighter close to B-52H aircraft.

In November 2020, USS Donald Cook also conducted exercises in the Black Sea. According to the ship’s commanding officer, the battleship’s operations in the Black Sea represent the US commitment to partners and allies in the region.

After monitoring the activities of US ships entering the Black Sea, Russian forces decided to send a tougher message. According to Russian media, there were at least 6 Russian fighters taking off from an air base in Crimea that had moved to the proposed passage area of ​​US warships, the border carried out the attacks. The simulation is aimed directly at the American destroyer.

Based on the data presented, on January 23, 2021, a pair of Su-24 frontline bombers, took off from a military airport in Crimea, heading for the southwestern part of the Black Sea.

After flying for about 300 km, the bombers returned, but two Su-30SM fighters appeared behind them, also at a distance of 300 km and landed in the opposite direction.

Some time later, the Su-27 fighter appeared in the sky participating in this strange exercise. The Russian move is said by experts that Moscow is simulating the destruction of USS Donald Cook.

The special thing is that immediately after the simulated attack exercise on the US warship, the Russian Air Force continued to have a tough message with the B-52H when American bombers approached the Russian border on the Black Sea on January 25. .

Specifically, as soon as it flew into the Black Sea, the US B-52H staged a provocation near the border of the Crimean peninsula. Immediately four Su-30SM fighters departed from Crimea, forcing the US forces to change flight routes.

The FAN news agency cites Russian military sources, the flight of the Su-30SM took place at a very close distance to the B-52H, and it is clear that the Russian pilots have shown that, intentional further aggression will be more severe punishment.

In addition, the Russian firm Avia also said that thousands of square kilometers of the Black Sea were blocked by the Russian army to prevent any ships from approaching. Currently, the Russian authorities have not made any official comment before the information.

Similar moves were recorded twice near the Russian border in the North Sea last year, but then there will be announcements of drills before the blockades. But this time, there has been no official announcement from the Russian Navy.

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