Rush to attack the parity market! Gogoro “VIVA MIX” suggested price starting at 59,980

The domestically-made electric car leader GOGORO launched a large-scale attack on the parity market in 2021. After the announcement of the new car was released without warning last week, it appeared today as a real car. What’s so special about this car with mixed flavors in its own car series? Let us take a look!
Before appreciating the new car, the editorial department will do something for youFocus on finishing!

1. There are three versions of the whole car: Basic (chain transmission), Keyless (chain transmission), Belt (belt)
2. 10-inch tires, dual discs front and rear, and support interlocking brake system
3. Water-cooled permanent magnet motor, 6KW unbranded power, dual battery design
4. 745mm height for relatives, newly designed cushion material
5. 23.9 liters of storage space, can hold 1/2 and 3/4 helmets each
6. The wheelbase is reduced to only 1235mm
7. The suggested selling price is VIVA MIX Basic 59,980, VIVA MIX Keyless 63,980, and VIVA MIX Belt 69,980 yuan.

Online publication record

In order to meet the expectations of the Taiwan market, GOGORO tried to make up for the shortcomings of cheap cars in product development. GOGORO VIVA MIX came into being, with the intention of giving riders the easiest riding experience, while also having non-discounted safety protection.

Like the light experience of VIVA but not satisfied with the existing power output? VIVA MIX is equipped with a 6KW water-cooled motor, which has the same power level as a white-brand locomotive, leading the rider to explore every corner of the city at any time.

Shuttle in the crowded metropolitan area makes people unable to breathe? The VIVA MIX has a short wheelbase of only 1235, leading the rider to easily shuttle through each lane.

The whole car is lightweight, and the GOGORO2’s weight is reduced by 10 kilograms, combined with the front and rear 50/50 gold counterweights, the riding experience is more enjoyable.

VIVA MIX Belt adopts the helical gear design of the same concept as the car, which reduces resistance and runs smoother and quieter. The transmission adopts the highly acclaimed GATES carbon fiber belt, eliminating the need for usual maintenance, as long as the tension is adjusted for 3000 kilometers.

VIVA MIX has launched six color combinations in the whole car series, namely Reggae Brown, Electronic Blue, Funk Purple, Rap Red, Chorus White, and Rhythm Gray. Each color has its own unique sound effect to highlight the product. unique.

Think the original color scheme is too conservative? GOGORO also launched a so-called “POP” customized service, allowing car fans to freely choose their favorite accessories and assemble their own VIVA MIX.

Innovation never stops for GOGORO. This time, the seat cushion is imported into the latest material “Stylo”, and the high-quality fabric brings a new experience to the rider.

VIVA MIX also introduced the latest IQ 6.1 smart system this time. From mobile phone control to weather control of vehicle power, IQ 6.1 will bring a new and convenient experience to car fans.

Finally, the recommended price of VIVA MIX is announced. This time, the three versions of VIVA MIX are available in BASIC, KEYLESS and BELT. The suggested prices are 59,980, 63,980 and 69,980 respectively. After subsidies, they are 40,980, 44,980 and 50,980, which are at par. The intention of the car model is very firm.

In the end, GOGORO’s exclusive transport assistant “AGV” was used to present a special presentation for car fans. GOGORO’s creativity has always been at the forefront.

Real car appreciation

After watching the online presentation, do you still have more thoughts? GOGORO also exhibited a number of real cars at the press conference for media shooting. Let’s take a look at how real cars show the charm of a mix and match! VIVA MIX follows the unique design style of its own car series in appearance, and the overall lines are very compact and consistent. Fans who are concerned about GOGORO cars may find that VIVA MIX increases the cushion area on the premise of pursuing ride comfort, so the proportion in the second half is heavier.

Like VIVA, VIVA MIX maintains the design of headlights installed on the faucet, thereby also distinguishing it from the GOGORO car series.

The instrument part adopts black and white two-color LCD liquid crystal instrument.

The configuration of the right handlebar is quite neat, leaving only the function of the driving information switch and the cushion switch.

This VIVA MIX uses a dual battery design, and shifts the center of gravity forward to achieve a balanced weight of 50/50 front and rear to improve driving performance.

After an actual test by the editorial department, it was found that a full-face helmet equipped with a large aerodynamic kit could not be placed in the space of the car, but a 3/4 plus 1/2 helmet is no problem.

In order to give the people full convenience, VIVA MIX has a cup holder designed to increase practicality.

The texture of the latest material “Stylo” is very close to home sofas, and it is believed to be helpful in anti-wear and anti-slip.

The taillights are different from VIVA. Large-area lighting also enhances the rear warning function. There is VIVA under the taillights to add texture.

Unlike the curved pedals of GOGORO cars, the graphic design of VIVA MIX can meet the daily needs of people for storage.

The design of the 10-inch small tire greatly reduces the replacement cost, and the special tire jointly developed with Magis takes into account the advantages of durability and quietness.

VIVA MIX BELT adopts a newly developed helical gear design, and uses a carbon fiber belt as a transmission to reduce running resistance and noise. I really look forward to the experience of actual operation.

In order to prevent the accumulation of sediment, trenches are designed under the soil removal to ensure that dirt will not remain on the car.

Car color introduction

This time there is also a full car color display at the scene, each color is quite lively and dynamic, and has a unique style.

Rap red

Reggae Brown

Funk Violet

Rhythm gray

He Shengbai

Electric blue

Mix and match freely to create your own VIVA MIX

On-site VIVA MIX also exhibited a variety of modified styles, each combination showed a unique character, and the splendid life was free to mix and match.


With the advent of VIVA MIX, GOGORO’s sub-brand “VIVA” is growing and growing. The unique design and appearance is believed to have caused heated discussions on the Internet. This time, VIVA’s main spare parts are more Extension, so that people can build their own cars as much as they want. As for whether the low-price strategy issued this time will have a chemical reaction to the market, and what strategies will cheap gasoline trucks have to deal with, it is very curious!

Original source: GOGORO VIVA MIX perfect mix and match suggested price of 59,980 to attack the cheap market

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