Runway de Waratte – Dare to dream, dare to fulfill!

Recently, the official website for the TV anime Runway de Waratte (Smile Down the Runway) based on the manga of the same name by author Kotoba Inoya has officially announced the second video promo and a number of new cast. The film's theme song has also been announced.

Some of the newly announced actors include:

Ayaka Fukuhara plays Kaoru Kizaki

Kōhei Amasaki plays Ryūnosuke Eda

Keiko Han plays the role of Yōko Takaoka

Makui Yui plays Seira

Mayumi Asano plays Mai Ayano

And some of the actors were previously announced:

Yumiri Hanamori plays Chiyuki Fujito

Natsuki Hanae will play Ikuto Tsumura

Ai Kayano plays Kokoro Hasegawa

Yui Ishikawa plays the role of Honoka Tsumura

Hibiku Yamamura plays Aoi Tsumura

Hikaru Akao plays the role of Ichika Tsumura

Ryohei Kimura plays Toh Ayano

Junichi Suwabe plays Hazime Yanagida

Nobuyoshi Nagayama will lead the production of the project at Ezo'la studio.

Touko Machida will be in charge of script writing and Misaki Kaneko will be designing the characters.

Ami Sakaguchi will perform the opening theme song "Lion".

And J-JUN performed the ending song "Ray of Light".

Chiyuki Fujito had a dream, to become a Paris Collection model. But there was a problem: she was too short to be a model, everyone around her said that. But despite the words of the world, she still refused to give up. Her classmate, a poor male student, Ikuto Tsumura, also had a small dream of becoming a fashion designer. One day, Chiyuki told him that "it is impossible" for him to consider giving it up. This is a story about the two of them on their way to achieving their dreams.

The anime will officially air on January 10.

Khang Dora

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