Running man 9: I have identity twice and won six times. Why does the show group prefer Cai Xukun?

Running man 9: I have identity twice and won six times. Why does the show group prefer Cai Xukun?

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Twelve episodes of “Let’s Run” have been aired this season. In the twelfth episode, members of the running men’s team ridiculed Cai Xukun as soon as they got their status, they would spend their time on modeling.

After probably looking back, Cai Xukun should have obtained the status of the big villain twice this season, one is the “W” of the second and third issues, and the other is the “Midnight” of the twelfth issue. At the same time, Cai Xukun is also the member with the most wins this season, with a total of six victories, which are the first, second, third, fourth, eighth and tenth episodes of the program.

Someone must ask, why do you prefer Cai Xukun so much in the show?

Personally, I think it is both a long story and forced by the situation.

Former glory

“Running” was originally called “Running Brothers”, which premiered on October 10, 2014, and became an instant hit after it was broadcast. The reason for emphasizing this point in time is that in 2014, online variety shows were not as popular as they are now, and traffic stars have not yet become popular. Therefore, viewing groups like “Brothers on the Run” still focus on the public as the absolute main body, focusing on the fun of the program. Even if there is no big star, you can still become the ace variety show, and even make your own star.

The resident MCs of the first season of “Running Brothers” included Deng Chao, Li Chen, Chen He, Wang Zulan, Zheng Kai, Yang Ying and Wang Baoqiang. It should be said that these seven were not the top artists at that time. However, as the show continues to be popular, one by one has become a household name. This shows the influence of “Running Brother”.

Even after Lu Han joined, it was actually Lu Han who climbed up “Run, Brother”. Despite this, Lu Han’s fans will be unhappy, but this is indeed an objective fact. The third season of “Running Brother” was broadcast on October 30, 2015. At that time, the four returnees (Lu Han, Wu Yifan, Zhang Yixing, Huang Zitao) had just emerged in China, and their popularity was limited to Korean fans. For the public, Lu Han is just a rookie.

Helpless compromise

Of course, in the four years of Lu Han’s “Run, Brother”/”Run”, the mainland entertainment industry has undergone tremendous changes. The first is the rise of online variety shows, including “China Has Hip Hop”, “Idol Trainees”, “Creation 101”, “This! “Just Hip-hop” has become the new darling of public opinion, and then poses a huge threat to traditional TV variety shows. By 2021, even brand-new variety shows like “Meng Tan Tan Tan An” have completely suppressed “Run” in terms of topic volume. According to the data of the 188th issue of “Variety Show Power List”, “Meng Tan Tan Tan An” has 436 million topics per week, while “Run It” only has 143 million.

The second is the sudden emergence of traffic stars. The stars represented by the four returnees have quickly become popular, and they have become a mentor-level existence. What is even more unexpected is that Cai Xukun, as a second-generation traffic star, has now become the top traffic in the entertainment industry. It should be said that the emergence of traffic stars has completely broken the original ecological balance of the entertainment industry, and it has also been questioned by many people.

But for TV variety shows, in order to resist the impact of online variety shows, a large number of traffic stars have to be used. Not only that, but also entrusted with important tasks, so that traffic stars can have an outstanding performance in the program. So everyone saw that Cai Xukun won the status twice and won six times in this season of “Run”, including Deng Lun in “Extreme Challenge”, who was also portrayed as an almighty ACE.

Cognitive difference

Having said that, some people may ask, are TV variety shows going to decline completely?

No, TV variety shows are feeling the pressure, but they are still far from the real decline. In the eyes of some netizens, not many people watch TV anymore, but it is just a one-sided feeling. In the novel “Wesley Series”, such a point of view was put forward. Supposing that the mankind tens of thousands of years ago saw the craniotomy of our time, what would this man of tens of thousands of years think? Obviously they will think that this is killing, this is the difference in perception. By the same token, for people who only watch variety shows on the Internet, they will subconsciously feel that TV has been eliminated. But this judgment is entirely based on personal cognition and cannot represent everyone. In fact, many people still choose to watch TV today. Taking a step back, TV variety shows like “Let’s Run” can also be seen on the Internet, and the way of transmission is a two-pronged approach.

The truth about traffic

That being the case, why do TV variety shows need important flow artists?

For a long time, everyone has misunderstood traffic artists, thinking that traffic artists have a huge fan base. In fact, this is not the case. Artists like Yang Mi have already exceeded 100 million fans on Weibo. According to relevant statistics, Weibo’s active users are about 400 million, so will a quarter of Weibo users really be fans of Yang Mi?

Obviously it is impossible, so such data is unreliable, and it is fraudulently fraudulent. Take the heroine of “The Hunting Ground”, Sugawara, for example. Her Weibo fans have exceeded 10 million, but her birthday news has only been reposted 32 times. And Lu Han, who has more than 60 million fans on Weibo, starred in the movie “Shanghai Fortress” at the box office of less than 200 million. Calculated on the basis of 30 yuan per movie ticket, 60 million fans can theoretically contribute 1.8 billion box office, and at least 1 billion is not a problem.

It is not difficult to see from this that traffic stars are not a huge fan base, and there are other reasons for their popularity. During the broadcast of “Creation Camp 2021”, there was news that the trainee Liu Yu’s fan club had raised more than 5 million funds in the first stage, and more than 5 million funds were contributed by approximately 68,000 fans. . It is conservatively estimated that after the entire season of “Creation Camp 2021”, Liu Yu’s fan support club may raise more than 20 million funds. On average, each person is less than 300 yuan, which seems acceptable. But the fans’ “shooting” of Liu Yu will not end here, “playing” has existed for many years. In other words, Liu Yu’s debut, sales of peripheral products, and high rankings on various lists are built by fans through “krypton gold”. This is just Liu Yu. The total market value of all the trainees participating in the idol development program will inevitably be a very astonishing number.

Malformed interests

For this market, public opinion calls it the fan economy. I believe that not only major online platforms will enjoy this, but TV variety shows also want to get a share of the pie. Although it is impossible for TV variety shows to set up a variety of voting projects like idol development programs, there are traffic stars, and fans of traffic stars will definitely act as free promoters. This is beneficial and harmless to the expansion of the influence of TV variety shows in the restaurant circle, and it is also conducive to attracting investment. TV variety shows always need sponsors.

As far as sponsors are concerned, they also expect to be able to enjoy the dividends of the fan economy, and will even do whatever it takes to do so. So everyone saw the “pouring milk and voting” incident. Without the specific voting method of “Youth with You 3”, there would never be such a ridiculous scene. This shows that the fan economy is undesirable. At least the existing fan economy model is deformed and seriously misleads the values ​​of young people. Yang Lijuan, who is crazy about Andy Lau, is well known, and its current situation is quite embarrassing. I believe that anyone who is a little sane would not want to have a second, third or even more Yang Lijuan.

Fortunately, after the “pouring milk and casting votes” incident, the issue of fan economy has attracted the attention of the whole society. Although the main manifestation of the fan economy, “investment” is still rampant, I believe that with the progress of society, it will be standardized in the future. At that time, TV variety shows will return to their original intentions, focusing on the fun of the show, and no longer prefer traffic stars.

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