Running against Huawei, Samsung is determined to release a folding screen phone - VnReview

Running against Huawei, Samsung is determined to release a folding screen phone – VnReview

According to South Korean media, Samsung expressed its determination to surpass Huawei in the race of folding screen phones and did not flinch after the Galaxy Fold.

Sources familiar with Samsung's plan told the paper Korea Herald, the company will launch a range of folding screen products, to preempt the market. "The release date has not been specified, but probably before Huawei", the source said. "Suppliers are ready to mass produce key components, maybe even phones.".

Huawei delayed the release of Mate X, Samsung will "overflow with water" to win all the top reputation

Chinese company postponed the release of Mate X and moved to September. There is a lot of conflicting information about the cause. A Huawei representative said that the company wanted to make sure the 5G connection on the phone worked well. But many analysts speculate that the US-China war has made Huawei need time to find alternative suppliers for mass production.

After being placed in the embargo, Huawei is difficult to deal with American companies. This is a great opportunity for Samsung. An observer said that Samsung will seek to take advantage of the opportunity to "goal" to assert its reputation.

According to market research firm Counterpoint Technology, the high-end phone segment dropped 8% in the first quarter of this year. The flagship phone is getting harder and harder to sell. It is expected, the folding screen and 5G network will be the two "revival" markets. According to ET News, Samsung has produced a fold-out phone like Huawei since last year, but they decided to push the type to fold in first.

Galaxy Fold fails but does not affect Samsung's leading ambition

Now, Samsung will diversify the folded morphology, have enough fold in, fold out, fold along like ò clamshell 'to dominate the market. According to The Elec recently, the company launched Galaxy Fold based on the S line, will soon have a folding screen phone based on the Note line, supporting Spen. Lee Jong-min, senior vice president of mobile, said "Folding phone will bring a completely new user experience (UX)". He was confident that if he used a folded phone, customers would not want to return to the traditional straight bar.

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