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Runner's High: 10 types of manic states you might encounter when running

As a jogging enthusiast, surely at least once you experience Runner’s High status, also known as mania when running. Runner’s High is generally a very euphoric feeling, which you can experience after about 1 hour running at steady speed.

Depending on the person, Runner’s High offers different feelings. Some compare it to the state of meditation, in which they feel that they are living every moment in the present, no longer worrying about the past or future.

Some people who are relieved when they run, find themselves out of their body (Out of Body), like a state that many near-death people often experience. Other numbers see Runner’s High as painless running, they can run like flying, the surroundings are simply passing through the eye …

Runner's High: 10 types of manic states you might encounter when running

Depression when running can be explained under biochemical perspective. When you squeeze your body to a limit, the brain releases endorphins in response to its physical discomfort. In addition, there is an increase in the concentration of anandamine, another neurotransmitter that makes us excited.

Together, these biochemicals contribute to relieving pain, reducing anxiety and creating a sense of happiness when one reaches the Runner’s High state. However, depending on the person, Runner’s High will bring different specific experiences.

Here are 10 professional and amateur jogger reports about their feeling of Runner’s High. Let's see which version works best for you:

1. It is an experience of getting out of the body

The jog made me most excited at the Olympic Games. Before, I only knew the spirit and the body was one. But that time, I saw myself running from above. I never thought I would experience that feeling, I was not ready for that feeling.

– Alexi Pappas, 29, Olympic athlete, filmmaker, writer from Los Angeles

2. It only happens on the track

I run a 5K range a lot. For me, the short journeys only raise the level of adrenaline a bit. Feelings were not really strong at the time, just like I was mesmerized by my breaths in and out.

But on one occasion, I actually experienced mania while trying to run past a person.

It was during a race, a woman ran right in front of me. Her ponytail perfectly shook. She ran a little faster than me and so the pendulum effect happened.

I realized that, but like that, I let my body drift into a manic state. It was a feeling that when I ran in a relaxed way, I didn't experience it.

If no one motivates me and time is not a problem, mania will not happen.

– Joe Espo, 39, media content strategist from New York

Runners High: 10 types of manic states you might encounter when jogging - Photo 2.

Many people see Runner’s High as hypnotized

3. For me it is a feeling of hypnosis

I have been running for nearly 30 years. During that time, I set different goals and achieved various successes, such as I switched from short to marathon and triathlon, so far focused primarily on distance. Super long (50K or more).

My day started with 2 hours of training or running on the beach, I combined running with listening to podcasts from many different topics. It takes about 3 to 4 miles to catch up with the long run.

But once I have stepped into this area, I will feel extremely confident about what my body can do. Combining with profound knowledge from many different podcast topics, mania quite similar to the feeling of hypnosis.

I can only explain it like a joy.

– Bonny McClain, 55, data manager of Data & Donuts from Washington, D.C.

4. I feel "normal"

Recently, I just started running again. It was about time since high school, I considered running as a means of losing weight, reducing anxiety and depression.

As a person with low serotonin levels and moderate anxiety disorders, endorphins derived from exercise do not help me reach my state of happiness. Instead, it only makes me reach the state where I imagine ordinary people always feel.

For me, mania will bring about a meaningful day. I can forget about guilt and shame when I don't force myself to exercise.

Hungry helps me to start to relax, that I have achieved something on the list of things to do. Ordinary people jog to see mania, for me, it's just like one thing to do.

I've read somewhere that you might be a depressed person, but try doing all the things that a happy person will do, and then someday your mind will catch up with your body. friend.

Running is I'm trying to do that, I guess.

– Rachel Johnsen, 28, an office director from New York

Runners High: 10 types of manic states you might encounter when jogging - Photo 3.

People with depression can increase endorphins to "normal" levels when experiencing Runner’s High

5. It helps you think clearly

I have been jogging quite often since I was in high school, so far I have participated in 4 marathons. Of course, like everyone else, I will reach a manic state when I run, but I want to call it "lucid state"or"immersion"more.

I usually do not listen to music if I run a short distance (less than 5 miles). I will use that time to handle work, keep difficult conversations in my head, get an idea of ​​building a speech or a talk, or an email that I have to send.

Sometimes, if I feel stressed about something, I know I need to jog to clear up the chaos in my head and think clearly about it. Many times, I came up with a solution while running. If I feel depressed or depressed, I also know that running will help.

A jog is best when the weather is perfect (outdoor humidity is low and the temperature is between 18-21), and I can enjoy the scenery on the road. But if running to serve the job, there will be no need to be so perfect.

After each running session, I went home and felt that every aspect of life was better. Everything seems to be a little more pleasant.

– Suzanne Bergmeister, 57, businessman from Louisville, Kentucky

6. It helps you nourish your inner peace

The first mile is always the hardest. But once you pass and your breathing starts to stabilize, your mind becomes excited with what you can do and mania starts to appear.

Suddenly, I forgot that I was running and the environment and surroundings were simply floating in front of me. After that, I realized all my worries about life and everyday bullshit became meaningless.

I nurture a peace in my heart.

The first time I felt excited when I was running was a teenager in the gym class, when the teacher made us run around a lake.

For some reason I never wear headphones when running, maybe the sound of silence is the key for me.

– Dave Alemi, 58, student adviser from Audubon, New Jersey

Runners High: 10 types of manic states you might encounter when jogging - Photo 4.

Like meditation, Runner’s High can help some people nurture peace

7. Feel like flying

Saying someone runs like a cliché, but it is true. Some times I jog, I reached a manic state like turning on a switch: And then suddenly, I felt my chest expand like in dreams I could fly in the city.

Every process in my body has a feeling of beating and matching with legs and breath. Anything that worries me or worries disappears, and I feel 100% that I am in this life.

– Quinne Myers, 30, writer and illustrator from New York

8. Hungry, after a few hours I still could not concentrate again

I have been running for about 18 years, conquering all distances from 5K to 50K. I experience mania after high-speed training sessions.

The fever endorphin leads to an intense feeling behind my vision, after which I cannot concentrate or pay attention for a few hours.

– Ryan Decker, 44, aerospace engineer from Huntsville, Alabama

9. It's like feeling after a fierce cry

The most powerful feeling of mania is similar to the feeling of rebirth after a long cry. Do you know the feeling after a bitter and miserable cry, then suddenly you look back and feel that you have just removed 10 of the weight on your body?

Feelings run while happening at the same time with personal growth and reinforcing the mind. All come in the same state.

– Whitney Dawson, 28 years old, marketing manager from Portland, Oregon

Runners High: 10 types of manic states you might encounter when jogging - Photo 5.

You can experience Runner’s High after about 1 hour running at steady speed

10. Nothing can hurt you anymore

Many people think that exercising is not necessarily difficult or painful. They think you should not force yourself too much and that is bad. I deny this view.

For me, the magic only happens when running to a certain speed, over a certain distance. And perhaps reaching that would hurt me. Do you think I have to endure pain? No, instead I adjusted my body to feel no more pain, I felt good when running and running at high speeds.

I began to pay more attention to the things around me, to see how beautiful the natural world is around. I feel like I'm living in every moment now and no longer worrying about the past or future.

– Daniel Unsdorfer, 33, sales engineer from Columbus, Ohio.

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