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Rumors of a digital car with a design like the upcoming Exciter 150, Honda Wave Alpha, and Yamaha Sirius are worried


( The digital model with a design quite similar to the Yamaha Exciter 150 promises to make the Honda Wave Alpha and Yamaha Sirius “fall” in the near future.

Fans of digital cars in the Malaysian market are fidgeting when news that the latest version of the Aveta VS13 2021 model will be released soon in the near future. Aveta VS13 2021 is a popular model in the Malaysian market with a “hot” level that is not inferior to Honda Wave Alpha or Yamaha Sirius in Vietnam.

Car number Aveta VS13 2021

According to some sources, the Aveta VS13 2021 will be completely “transformed” in design when possessing a similar appearance to the Yamaha Y15ZR V1 (also known as the Yamaha Exciter 150 in the Vietnamese market. Male). Therefore, many people believe that if Aveta VS13 2021 is released in the near future, this will be a “super product” of digital cars that completely crush other competitors.

Car number Aveta VS13 2021
Some sources believe that the Aveta VS13 2021 has the same design as the Yamaha Exciter 150

Currently, the design of the current Aveta VS13 has many similarities with the Honda Wave 125i model. The vehicle has a seat height of 780 mm and a dry weight of 95 kg, suitable for moving in urban environments. Vehicles possessing practical equipment and utilities such as analog clocks, front hangers, a quite spacious storage compartment, …

Car number Aveta VS13 2021
The current Aveta VS13 car has a 127cc engine block

The current Aveta VS13 uses a 127cc engine block, producing a maximum power of 8.0 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.5 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Aveta VS13’s safety equipment includes disc brakes on the front and rear drum brakes, telescopic front forks and dual rear suspension.

Car number Aveta VS13 2021
Car number Aveta VS13 2021 promises to cause fever when launched

In the opinion of users, in addition to the transformation in the design, the 2021 version of the Aveta VS13 model is likely to also be equipped with other equipment and utilities to increase competitiveness on competitors. in the same segment. If it is on the Vietnamese market, the Aveta VS13 2021 promises to “dethrone” sales of the Honda Wave Alpha model.



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