Sforum - Latest technology information page Xiaomi-Mi-Max-4-1-1-960x640 Rumor: Xiaomi will remove the Mi Max line, will not launch Mi Max 4 in July this year?

Rumor: Xiaomi will abandon Mi Max line, will not launch Mi Max 4 in July this year?

Although this information has not been confirmed, however, the Mi Max 4 is not released can make the Mi Max 3 become the last smartphone in Xiaomi's Mi Max series.

Xiaomi is currently in the top 5 of the most famous smartphone manufacturers in the world, gaining interest from many users by launching high quality products at extremely affordable prices. Recently, the company has decided to change plans for some smartphones, including Mi Max 4.

According to an internal report, Xiaomi decided to give up the Mi Max product line and will not launch Mi Max 4 in July this year. The main reason why the Chinese technology group made this decision is because at the moment, they have launched many smartphones with big screens, thus launching a "giant" screen phone. So at this point is completely inappropriate.

Of course, there are still some people who like to use phablets with big screens like Xiaomi's Mi Max smartphones, but this number is still too small and this is one of the reasons It is important that the company decides to stop launching Mi Max 4.

Sforum - Latest technology information page Xiaomi-Mi-Max-4-1-960x734 Rumor: Xiaomi will remove Mi Max line, will not launch Mi Max 4 in July this year?

The latest model in Xiaomi's Mi Max product line is the Mi Max 3, which was introduced and sold a year ago, ie in the summer of 2018. The phone is equipped with a "huge giant" screen. up to 6.9 inches with an 18: 9 frame rate, Snapdragon 636 processor, 12MP + 5MP dual camera on the back and 8MP selfie camera on the front. The device comes with a 5500mAh battery and supports fast charging QC 3.0 with a maximum capacity of 18W.

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