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Rumor: Huawei considers using Sailfish OS instead of its own operating system

Although Huawei is developing a mobile operating system of its own, but according to the latest leak, they are also thinking about finding another alternative to replace Androd. And one of the operating systems considered is Sailfish OS.

Due to the US trade ban, Huawei has been revoked the right to use the Android operating system by Google, so it will not be able to use Google Play service (including Google Play Store) on unapproved phones. This means the company needs to find other software.

Initial rumors suggest that Huawei is developing its own operating system called Ark OS (Hongmeng OS) and expects it to be used for its upcoming smartphones in October. However, according to a source close to Huawei, the company is considering an alternative solution, Sailfish OS.

However, it is not a simple Sailfish OS but instead is a version called Aurora OS – which is still a Linux-based mobile operating system. Even the CEO of Huawei, Guo Ping also discussed the possibility of using the Aurora operating system on his smartphones with Konstantin Noskov, minister of digital development, communications and mass media at Russia. In fact, Huawei is said to have tested some of its devices with Aurora OS.

Of course, no official announcement has been made by any party, so only time will tell if the rumor is correct.

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