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Rumor: Apple can launch an iPad screen that folds up to support 5G by 2020

At the present time, devices that have a folding screen seem to have a bad start. Samsung had to postpone the opening date of the Galaxy Fold due to a serious screen error, while Huawei's Mate X suffered the same fate. It is clear that this technology is not yet ready to launch in consumer devices.

However, in the latest report, analyst Jeff Lin of IHS Markit believes that Apple is working on a foldable iPad with 5G support.

While most other manufacturers are working on smartphones that, when opened, turn into mini tablets, according to analyst Jeff Lin, Apple has a slightly different approach. Specifically, "Apples Apples" is said to be developing a foldable iPad, and when opened this device is nearly as large as the screen of the MacBook Pro.

In fact, if this information is authentic, the iPad's screen will also not be too big in the current context, Apple already has an iPad Pro 12.9 inches. You can imagine the iPad folding device will be about the same size as the iPad Mini, but when opened it will have a screen from 13 inches to 15 inches.

And yet, the source said today that Apple's folding screen iPad also supports 5G network connectivity for fast mobile internet browsing. Reportedly, this report comes from a supply chain source. Referring to the 5G connection, Apple is expected to launch this first-equipped product in 2020.

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