Ruby Lin celebrated Huo Jianhua's birthday, the birthday cake is particularly unique, netizens: have ulterior motives

Ruby Lin celebrated Huo Jianhua’s birthday, the birthday cake is particularly unique, netizens: have ulterior motives

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After getting married, what adult men and women desire most is to spend their lives happily and happily with their lovers. Because of their different personalities and ways of doing things, every couple has their own “love preservation plan”.

Studies have shown that a good relationship between husband and wife can greatly affect the future growth of a child. Therefore, in order for children to grow up healthily, husbands and wives should still pay attention to the maintenance of the relationship and the creation of a family atmosphere.

Since the marriage of Huo Jianhua and Ruby Lin was made public, netizens have almost attracted questions and disapproval. Because of Huo Jianhua’s various performances at the wedding, everyone thought that Ruby Lin “kidnapped” Huo Jianhua to marry him. The relationship between the two people was only due to affection, and there was not much sincerity.

Even if the daughter of two people, the little dolphin, has gradually grown up, netizens still refuse to buy the celebrity couple. Almost every once in a while there will be rumors that two people get married, break up their relationship, and even divorce. For this reason Ruby Lin has clarified many times, but still can’t stop Yoyo’s mouth.

Ruby Lin celebrated Huo Jianhua’s birthday, and the birthday cake is particularly unique. Netizens: Have ulterior motives!

Ruby Lin once posted photos of Huo Jianhua’s birthday on social platforms. In the photo is the Ferrari cake she prepared carefully for her husband Huo Jianhua. As we all know, Huo Jianhua has a red Ferrari. Being able to choose this kind of cake shows that Ruby Lin took a lot of thought.

In addition to the carefully prepared cake, the signature on the cake is also very special. I saw that it said “Daddy happy birthday”, which was obviously given to his father Huo Jianhua in the voice of his daughter’s little dolphin. Since the birth of his daughter, Huo Jianhua has changed. Become a proper “daughter slave”. Seeing the birthday cake so carefully prepared by his wife, Huo Jianhua must be very happy in his heart.

In addition, on the day before Huo Jianhua’s birthday, Ruby Lin’s friend Xu Ruoxuan posted photos of the two families spending Christmas together on social platforms. Ruby Lin and Huo Jianhua in the photo are wearing the same crimson sweaters, and they look very sweet.

Although the two had been photographed by the media because of a street quarrel, rumors of a marriage change became widespread. But in real life, is there a couple that is not noisy or contradictory! Speaking of this, we have to explore if the relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious.

Frequent quarrels will have bad effects on yourself and your children.

1. Affect children’s emotions

Many parents believe that the contradiction between themselves and their spouse has nothing to do with their children. In fact, this idea is very wrong. Studies have shown that the emotional quality of parents has a great impact on children’s emotions. Seriously, it will even affect the development of the child’s character and the direction of the future life.

If the parents are always smiling, even a small baby can be accurately sensed and happy with the parents. In other words, if the parents are depressed for a long time, the family will always be filled with depression. Even if the parents are expressionless, the child knows that the parents are unhappy at the moment. Cause the child to also become irritable.

2. Shorten the life span of the child

Don’t think that this is an exaggeration. The quality of parental relationship largely determines the length of a child’s lifespan. If parents want their children to make a difference in the future, they should be more restrictive in their words and deeds. This is because how children get along with others in the future, and the improvement of social skills comes from their parents.

Because many children do not know how to get along with others, they run into obstacles everywhere, leading to depression and illness. If this continues for a long time, it will inevitably affect the life span of the child. Statistics show that the average life expectancy of children whose parents are divorced is four years shorter than that of ordinary children.

3. Influencing children’s control of their emotions

It is very beneficial for a child to become a person who knows how to deal with his emotions. If both parents are very good at dealing with their own bad emotions, naturally they will not be noisy over trivial matters. The family atmosphere will be more harmonious and harmonious.

In this kind of family, children will be influenced by their parents, and they will be good at managing their emotions and know how to get along with others. You know, in life, the reason why many people find it difficult to find a way out is because they are emotionally unstable and always offend others.

to sum up:

Regardless of whether it is for the children or for themselves, the husband and wife should respect and love each other, be considerate of each other, work hand in hand to face the ups and downs of life, and give the children a safe and happy home. If you irritate your partner because of your momentary emotions, or make a big noise because of trivial things. Not to mention hurting the relationship between husband and wife, it is not good for the growth of the child.

In marriage, there are never two people who are born to be suitable, and there are only two hearts desperately moving closer together. For the sake of their children and themselves, parents try their best to correct their shortcomings, and try to give their children a loving, happy and family.


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