Round 22 Premier League: Tottenham - Mourinho threatens Liverpool, watch videos ...
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Round 22 Premier League: Tottenham – Mourinho threatens Liverpool, watch videos …

Round 22 English Premier: Tottenham – Mourinho threatened Liverpool, watch videos on

Friday, January 10, 2020 17:45 PM (GMT + 7)

Liverpool will face Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham to protect the unbeaten circuit.

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The English Premier League will continue with the heat of the 22nd round which will focus on a big match at White Hart Lane between Tottenham and Liverpool. Top Liverpool have been unbeaten for a year in the Premier League while Tottenham have fallen this season and have yet to fully recover from Jose Mourinho’s lead.

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Jordan Henderson sparked Liverpool’s comeback against Tottenham in the first leg

Tottenham in the first leg soon conceded Liverpool, but the red shirt team rose strongly to go against the flow. Times have changed, Mauricio Pochettino is no longer in the club and Jose Mourinho has caused quite a lot of difficulties for Liverpool in their confrontation whether he leads Chelsea or MU, so the top team will not be guaranteed a result. advantage.

Elsewhere, the teams in the top 6 only meet rivals in the bottom half of the table, in which Leicester City and Man City will continue to chase Liverpool with matches against Southampton and Aston Villa.

Chelsea were held by Brighton but still 5 points higher than MU and will meet Burnley who lost 3 rounds in a row. While Manchester United met Norwich, who finished in the table, they won Man City and drew Tottenham, Arsenal and Leicester this season.

Arsenal alone will face more difficult challenges after coach Mikel Arteta has the first victory to knock down MU. Palace has run out of relegation scenes as in previous seasons and they are in fact one step above Arsenal as well as still hoping to make it into the group for the European Cup, so this promises to be a remarkable duel. .

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Will Tottenham be the first team to cut Liverpool’s unbeaten circuit this season?

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Fixture schedule round 22 Premier League

Saturday, January 11

3h: Sheffield United – West Ham (predicted: 2-1)

19h30: Crystal Palace – Arsenal (1-2)

22h: Wolves – Newcastle (2-0)

22h: MU – Norwich (1-1)

22h: Leicester – Southampton (1-0)

22h: Everton – Brighton (2-1)

22h: Chelsea – Burnley (2-1)

Sunday, January 12

0h30: Tottenham – Liverpool (0-2)

21h: Bournemouth – Watford (2-2)

23h30: Aston Villa – Man City (0-3)

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Highlights Premier League round 21: Liverpool is hard to resist, MU knows to lose Big 6
Highlights Premier League round 21: Liverpool hard to resist, MU knows Big 6 loss

The focus of the round of 21 Premier League is the great battle between Arsenal and MU.

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