Rough architecture by Nikolay Polissky: Reaching out from the narrow wall to majestic nature between 3 minutes to read
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Rough architecture by Nikolay Polissky: Reaching out from the narrow wall to majestic nature between 3 minutes to read

These towers are made from talent and human strength throughout Russia Nikolay Polissky is the inspiration for art to exist as an intimate part of nature, connecting the community and revitalizing the gradually abandoned lands …

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Born in 1957 in Moscow, artist Nikolay Polissky create impressive handiwork among the vast landscape in Russia. Most are done in town Nikola Lenivets – located 200 km from the Russian capital – the artist’s works were built entirely by the help of people in the area, using local materials, such as branches, trunks and tables. the wood. Traditional construction techniques are used as a starting point for projects.

The works of Nikolay Polissky inspired not only by their majestic appearance but also because he reborn a somewhat deserted village, through art and architecture, with reference to local residents in the process of shining create and turn the area into an open cultural center. Since 2003, his works have become a part of Archstoyanie, the largest land art festival in Russia.

Works of Polissky between large-scale sculptures (large-scale sculptures), temporary installation works (temporary installations) and indigenous architecture (vernacular architecture). Set in a spectacular landscape, the works act as lighthouses, inviting communities to occupy a territory so vast that they seem unable to live entirely there.

Typical shape in the work of Nikolay Polissky reminiscent of classic buildings, like the famous Ziggurat of ancient Mesopotamia, while also reminiscent of local structures pervading the country’s urban landscape, such as television antenna poles and industrial chimney. Composition of Polissky often shows a contrast; For example, strong smoke rises from a fragile tower section.

Each work is a temporary creation, developing depending on the weather or the season. Once completed, their works will be recycled or burned to mark popular celebrations or left in the wild to become part of existing vegetation. .

Here are six of more than 25 works of Nikolay Polissky:

Nikola Lenivets, 2002

Nikola Lenivets, 2004

Moscow, 2005

Nikola Lenivets, 2009

Perm, 2011

Nikola Lenivets, 2013

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