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ROSSO SCOOTER SC vs S98 PLUS analysis of choice reasons

In the past, only 12-inch sports tires competed with Japanese and domestic tires, but after PIRELLI launched the ROSSO SCOOTER SC “little devil” at the end of last year, it seemed to start fighting tires on the battlefield, while the domestic brand Maxis MAXXIS The successor sports advanced tire model S98 PLUS that came out last year should not be underestimated. After a week of voting, the little devil won the S98 PLUS by 78.2% of the votes. Both tires are designated tires for many teams and drivers. Let’s take a look at the criteria used by the riders to choose tires!

The winner of the tire 1 East and West Army Week 1 is: PIRELLI ROSSO SCOOTER SC.


Fifth place: rubber compound formula 30.4%
(ROSSO SCOOTER SC 83.5% vs S98 PLUS 16.5%)

ROSSO SCOOTER SC uses its own SUPERCORSA SC2 rubber compound formula and adjusts it. It contains low thermoplastic polymer, 100% flexible carbon black and resin, which replicates the roughness of the asphalt road, which improves the rider’s confidence in cornering and reduces rubber wear and tear. S98 PLUS introduces MAXXIS Ultra-R rubber compound formula to meet the needs of drivers to quickly warm the tires on the track. The lateral rigidity of the tires, the grip and cornering area during cornering have been upgraded.

ROSSO SCOOTER SC’s special rubber compound formula replicates the roughness of asphalt pavement to increase grip.

The Ultra-R formula of the event quenching chain can quickly raise the tire temperature and exert the best performance.

Fourth place: dumping speed 36.1%
(ROSSO SCOOTER SC 85.1% vs S98 PLUS 14.9%)

The design of the tire type will affect the speed when riding and dumping, and ROSSO SCOOTER SC increases the crown / tire width ratio, and the tread rate is constant, you can quickly and linearly enter the curve, increasing driver confidence; S98 PLUS Through the front wheel profile design, it has a very fast dumping speed, and the rear wheel increases the contact area to provide a full sense of stability when cornering.

Through the constant curved green of the tread, the dumping is both linear and fast.

According to the data absorbed by TSR A group, S98 PLUS high-strength carcass can give Cavaliers full confidence.

Third place: tire pattern design 50.4%
(ROSSO SCOOTER SC 84.4% vs S98 PLUS 15.6%)

ROSSO SCOOTER SC has a lightning tread pattern from the PIRELLI SUPERCORSA series. Not only is it eye-catching, it also has an ultra-low 4.1% land and sea andThe asymmetric tread design on the left and right sides gives the rider an average wear and excellent drainage performance. The tread pattern of the little devil is more concentrated at a 45-degree angle to provide excellent tire grip at the maximum inclination of Sukoda; The reverse tread pattern design can effectively reduce the stopping distance. The vertical vertical main groove can make the wheels have better guidance. The interlaced herringbone main groove can strengthen the traction at the start and increase competitiveness.

The patented lightning tire pattern makes PIRELLI’s brand recognition extremely high.

In addition to enhancing the directionality, the tread pattern can also increase the traction when starting.

Second place: Brand 59.3%
(ROSSO SCOOTER SC 87.3% vs S98 PLUS 12.7%)

Previously, among the seven recommended tire brands, PIRELLI has become the favorite tire brand for riders with a vote rate of 55.5%. The reason is that the tires launched by its brand are not only handsome, but also have first-class grip performance. The halo of racing tires is even more icing on the cake; the domestic brand MAXXIS has won the runner-up and has been rolling in domestic competitions for many years. The research and development strength of MAXXIS is comparable to the national brands.

PIRELLI is the designated supplier of WSBK tires.

MAXXIS has sponsored TSR events for many years and is the light of domestic brands.

First place: 62.1% grip performance
(ROSSO SCOOTER SC 78.2% vs S98 PLUS 21.8%)

Among all the owners who have used ROSSO SCOOTER SC, the little devil achieved a super high score of 9.1 / 10 on dry grip. It can be seen that PIRELLI has worked hard in developing tires, and S98 PLUS also got 8.8 / 10 The excellent score of the score, although losing ROSSO SCOOTER SC, but the overall dry grip performance is already considered excellent.

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