Roskosmos began mass assembling the heavy Angara-A5 rockets

Roskosmos began mass assembling the heavy Angara-A5 rockets

The aforementioned information has just been announced on the state shopping website that the Khrunichev Center – a division of the Russian National Space Corporation – Roscosmos, has begun assembling rockets under orders from the Ministry of Defense.

“(…) The funding of the contracts is done under the framework of a state contract (…) signed on 21 May 2020 for the production of heavy Angara-A5 boosters for of the Ministry of Defense, “said the source.

The contract states that the Khrunichev Center is obliged to assemble four Angara-A5 heavy boosters of the first mass production for the Department of Defense. As planned, deliveries will take place in 2024.

At an early stage, the manufacturer will assemble six rockets to conduct test flights, two of which have now been launched. The first start took place in December 2014, the second was December 2020.

Roskosmos started to rap the famous name Angara-A5 series
The Angara-A5 heavy boosters began to be mass-assembled by Roscosmos

The Angara-A5 was the first heavy launch vehicle fully developed in the post-Soviet period. Depending on the altitude of its orbit, it is capable of sending 4 to 24 tons of payload into space.

For the operation of the launch vehicle, eco-friendly fuel is used, and the assembly is carried out from unified missile modules. As a result production and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

The basis for the Angara-A5 launchers is made up of the multipurpose oxygen-oil missile modules URM-1 (for phases 1 and 2 of the launch vehicle) and URM-2 (for the upper part of the name). fire).

The carrying capacity of the Angara-A5 is determined by the number of URM modules in phase 1. The multipurpose missile module is a complete structure consisting of an engine and oxidant compartment and fuel tanks, combined with a buffer.

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