Ronaldo isolated in a private room in the Portugal training center.  Photo: PF.
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Ronaldo wants to play despite having Covid-19

According to coach Fernando Santos, Cristiano Ronaldo has no symptoms of nCoV infection and also confirmed that he can play for Portugal in the Nations League today.

* Portugal – Sweden: Thursday, October 15 at 1:45 am.

“I was told that Ronaldo is strictly adhering to the quarantine and treatment rules,” said coach Santos during his pre-match press conference with Sweden in the fourth match of the Nations League group A3. “He was in his own room and said he wanted to play. He talked to us from his balcony. He had absolutely no symptoms of infection, didn’t even know what happened to him. myself “.

Ronaldo isolated in a private room in the Portuguese training center. Image: PF.

On October 13, the Portuguese Football Federation announced Ronaldo’s positive test results, and had to be quarantined according to regulations. The 35-year-old superstar infection caused Portugal to lose an important resource in the match against Sweden. Euro 2016 champions are in need of victory to compete for the top spot with France.

“Any player absent because of Covid-19 is a big loss, but Ronaldo’s absence is probably greater,” coach Santos admitted. “Ronaldo has its own characteristics. No team plays better without the best player in the world. However, I have absolute confidence in the remaining players. They have shown their ability to adapt to the situation. present”.

Ronaldo watched his teammates practice.

Ronaldo watched his teammates train from the balcony of his living room. Image: PF.

On the morning of October 14, Ronaldo appeared for the first time after the infection information. From the balcony of the Portuguese training area, he observed his teammates practicing. When he discovered the camera, the striker holding the scoring record for Portugal (101 goals in 167 games) smiled and raised his thumb to indicate confidence.

Before this gathering, Portugal discovered two positive cases of Anthony Lopes and Jose Fonte. Both of them had to leave the team immediately.

Ronaldo’s quarantine raised concerns about the risk of his absence in some Juventus club matches. One of them is the great war with Barca in the Champions League group stage, October 28.

Ronaldo's photo posted on Instagram just a few hours before he learned of the positive news, took a meal with many teammates.

A photo of Ronaldo was taken of the food scene and posted on Instagram just a few hours before the positive news.

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