Ronaldo threw the captain’s armband angrily for losing his tenure goal

Ronaldo believes his late effort helped Portugal win three points on the Serbian pitch, but the referees don’t think so.

Portugal soon led Serbia with two goals from Jota, but let the home team equalize in the second half. In the final seconds of injury time, Ronaldo escaped to the cushion through the goalkeeper and rolled into the home team’s goal, before being destroyed by the Serbian defender.

The Serbian defender broke the ball right above the line. Screenshots

Superstar playing for Juventus started to celebrate but discovered the referee did not recognize the goal. Immediately, Ronaldo reacted so strongly in front of the line referee that he was warned by a yellow card.

The slow angle shows that most of the ball has passed the line and seems to have scored. Goal-line technology and VAR are not equipped in this match and that makes Ronaldo angry. The Portuguese captain threw the captain’s armband to the ground and went straight into the changing room after the controversial situation.

Ronaldo was angry at the referee’s decision. Photo: Getty

So after the opening two matches of the 2022 World Cup, Ronaldo still could not find his first goal and was forced to wait until the upcoming match with Luxembourg.

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