Ronaldo reduced his salary at the request of Chiellini. Photo: Reuters.

Ronaldo cut 4.2 million dollars in salary

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo accepted to reduce his salary to finance Juventus during the pandemic, according to Italian newspaper Tuttosport.

After chatting with chairman Andre Agnelli and football director Fabio Paratici on March 28, captain Giorgio Chiellini phoned each teammate. Chiellini wants the Juventus player to join hands to reduce the salary to support a part of the team finance. Some pillars like Ronaldo, Gianluigi Buffon and Leonardo Bonucci have agreed to reduce wages.

Ronaldo reduced his salary at the request of Chiellini. Image: Reuters.

Ronaldo receives the highest salary at Juventus, with $ 35 million after taxes per season. It is not clear how much the players support, because each player’s salary is different. But according to Tuttosport, Ronaldo agreed to deduct a month and a half salary, equivalent to 4.2 million.

A few days ago, Ronaldo and his representative Jorge Mendes also donated $ 1.1 million to anti-pandemic hospitals in Portugal. Superstar 35 is isolated in an apartment in his hometown Madeira.

At Juventus, Chiellini continued to call teammates so they volunteered to help the team. Last season, Juventus lost $ 45 million after taxes. It was the second year in a row that they suffered a loss, in part because the team failed in the Champions League.

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