Ronaldo, Euro 2021

Ronaldo and Portugal bring 60 bottles of cooking oil to Euro 2021

Let’s explore the baggage that the Portuguese team brought with them to serve superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates during their competition at Euro 2021.

150 kg of cod, 60 bottles of olive oil and a lot of vinegar, 50 kg of carolino rice… this is part of the list of ‘armies’ brought by the Portuguese national team during their competition. away from home at Euro 2021.

Unlike a wide range of products, which can be found in any destination, these essential products must be shipped directly from the place of production to the kitchen of the Portuguese team, by chef Luis Lavrador in charge of processing for Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates.

The Portuguese team will not have a home match at Euro 2021 even though the tournament is held in many different cities. The team cannot guarantee the same quality of food in each of the locations they are stationed, so Selecao will bring food stock from home.

Ronaldo eliminated the appearance of Coca-Cola in the press room. Photo: Getty

For Ronaldo, the nutritional quality of each meal is very important, it is necessary to ensure energy for training and competition, while keeping the body healthy. Recently, this superstar sent a message that people should stay away from carbonated drinks.

In the first match of Group F Euro 2021, Portugal as a guest of Hungary in Budapest, Ronaldo had a historic double in this match. After that, he and his teammates were guests of the German national team in Munich.

In the last match, Portugal continued to face World Cup champions France on a neutral field in Hungary.

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