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Guys, it’s time to branch out from your typical movie and dinner date and do something more special this summer. With the weather warming up, now is the best time to take the romance outdoors. Our recommendation? A romantic picnic. Before you roll your eyes, just hear us out: this super intimate and retro date idea is a unique way to spend some one-on-one time with your partner, and if done right, it will be a regular occurrence, or a special occasion she’ll remember for months to come.

While picnicking has forever been a popular activity, some of the old school picnic essentials (think wicker basket and gingham blanket) aren’t very practical when put to use. Who wants to carry around a bulky basket, or sit on an ordinary blanket, only for wet grass to soak through? Instead, we’ve put together a list of picnic essentials that are modern, convenient, easily portable and still oh-so romantic. Read on to find everything you need to set the mood.

1. PicniKing Insulated Picnic Backpack for 2

The most important first step in planning a romantic picnic is packing your food and utensils. This unique picnic backpack set comes equipped with all the basics to get you started, including stainless steel utensils, ceramic plates, cups, wine glasses, cloth napkins, a wine opener and a picnic blanket with waterproof backing. Not only is a backpack more convenient for storing and transporting your food and utensils, but this PicniKing pack comes with an insulated compartment to keep your perishables cool, even in the summer heat.


2. Inno Stage Portable Wine And Snack Table

Make your picnic date a sophisticated event with this portable wine and snack table. Made with natural bamboo, this mini table is foldable and easy to transport. It comes with four carved spots to conveniently hold drinks and wine glasses, as well as a place to store your wine or champagne. This table is a great way to enjoy a fancy meal outdoors, or can be used to serve an elegant cheese and fruit spread. Either way, you’re sure to impress your date.

Wine Table


3. Simply Genius Pop-Up Mesh Food Covers

Nothing is romantic about bugs getting into that beautiful picnic spread. These lightweight mesh food cover tents will keep the flies away so you and your date can enjoy a worry-free meal. These covers are easy to open and close, and their small, lightweight design makes them easy to carry without taking up too much space in your bag.

Mesh Food Covers


4. Compact Technologies Fleece Travel Pillow

Add intimacy and comfort to your picnic by including a few of these compact fleece travel pillows to your spread. Each pillow is made from memory foam and the softest fleece, so you and your partner can rest and recline after your big meal. Plus, each pillow rolls into an attached pack with drawstrings and comes equipped with a carabiner, so you can easily attach them to your backpack.Travel Pillows


5. Homemory LED Tea Lights

Candles always set the mood, so try these LED tea lights to create a passionate atmosphere out of doors. Each light is battery operated and has an on/off switch for ease of use. Plus, these faux candles are compact, making them ideal for transportation. Place a few of these around your blanket to transform your basic picnic into a romantic getaway.

battery operated LED tea lights


6. Kunodi Mini Bluetooth Portable Speaker

A date wouldn’t be complete without some romantic tunes. The Kunodi Bluetooth Portable Speaker is designed to weather the outdoors with a silicone case that is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, making it the ideal portable speaker for a picnic. It comes with a built-in, long-lasting lithium battery and has an attached carabiner, allowing you to easily attach it to your backpack or bag.

bluetooth mini portable speaker with keychain


7. Wakisaki Scented Artificial Rose Petals

Take your picnic up a notch and spread these scented artificial rose petals around your picnic blanket. These ready-to-use red rose petals are a sure way to create a passionate setting for your date, and unlike real rose petals, you can reuse these while still achieving the look and scent of fresh roses.

artificial red rose petals


8. Tiny Land Luxury Lace Teepee

Want to go above and beyond to create an extra-special date? This lace outdoor teepee will transform your picnic into the ultimate romantic event. The five-sided canopy design and semi-sheer material creates a sense of intimacy and is great for outdoor lounging. The teepee is portable and collapsible and is easy to assemble, so you can use it anywhere, from your own backyard to a public park.

Tiny Land Lace Teepee

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