Romania: 6-week-old baby dies tragically after baptism |  World

Romania: 6-week-old baby dies tragically after baptism | World

According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred on Monday, 1/2, at an Orthodox church in Suceava (Romania).

The victim – a newborn baby just 6 weeks old – suffered a cardiac arrest and was quickly rushed to the emergency hospital after the baptismal ceremony, but did not survive.

An autopsy showed that the baby had fluid in the lungs. Prosecutors opened a manslaughter investigation against the baptized priest.

It is known that the infant baptism involves immersing the child three times in holy water. The priest will have to cover the child’s nose to make sure they don’t breathe in the water.

Local media have reported a number of similar incidents in recent years, sparking a wave of protests.

Some religious officials have asked the priest to pour or splash some water on the baby’s forehead, instead of immersing the baby’s entire body in the water.

But Archbishop Teodosie, leader of the traditional faction of the Church, insists the ceremony will not change.

Baptism in Romania is one of the big events, sometimes compared to weddings, often having hundreds of guests and a large party.

More than 80 percent of Romanians are Orthodox and the Church is one of the most trusted, according to recent opinion polls.

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According to Daily Mail


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