Rolls Royce Dawn: Conquering at first sight

Rolls Royce Dawn: Conquering at first sight

With a “quite acrid” selling price at 25-40 billion dong, Rolls Royce Dawn is truly a “dream” car of every car-loving customer.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls Royce Dawn – too many flair on the same model

Although it was only introduced at the Frankfurt auto show in September 2015, the Rolls Royce Dawn car once again affirms the very “quality” of the Roll Royce car company. Not having to directly experience, just looking at the car design, many users had to “exclaim” that it was too beautiful and too sweet.

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Roll Royce’s new Dawn model is designed in the form of a convertible and reverse hinged doors like Wraith. However, Dawn has up to 80% new design lines, not a “convertible version of the Wraith” as many customers think. The interior of Roll Royce Dawn also impresses with a youthful orange color, lines of Canadell wood, real leather and a series of extremely modern features.

Performance is also rated at a good level. The “heart” of this car is the 6.6L V12 engine block. The maximum capacity of the car is 563 horsepower and torque reaches 780Nm. Customers can accelerate from 0 -100km / h in less than 5 seconds.

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Currently, the distributor of Roll Royce cars in Vietnam has not made any move yet to show this super product introduced in the country. However, in Vietnam, there are also the first Roll Royce Dawn versions 2017 – 2018 in Gia Lai and Hai Phong.

Thanh Vu

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