Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra review

The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra might not have the adjustable weighting or seven hundred programmable buttons that are part of the "gaming mouse" experience, but it doesn't need all of that.

There is something to admire in a product that is basically simple, but perfectly done. As Bruce Lee put it, "I don't fear the man who kicked 10,000 once, but I fear the man who kicked 10,000 once." For Roccat, this mouse is a kick.

There's not much to dislike about Kone Pure Ultra; the initial appearance is simple, which would be misleading about the quality of the Pure Ultra without the price – this Kone is costing $ 69.99 (£ 59.99, about AU $ 100) right now.

It may sound expensive for a product that could easily be mistaken for a ten dollar supermarket mouse (if it weren't for RGB lighting), but the Pure Ultra has a proven track record.

Don't be fooled by its simple design – it's still a thin gaming mouse (Image credit: Future)

This deceptive appearance manifests itself as a simple black wired mouse, with the usual left and right buttons, a scroll wheel and two additional buttons on the left side above the thumb rest, as well as two buttons for sensitivity adjustments in real time on the back of the scroll wheel. The six buttons seem satisfying to click, and any latency was practically undetectable.

Scrolling is also a pleasant experience; while the frame rate is fixed – no free spinning scroll wheel mode here – it looks solid, like the rest of the build. Since this mouse weighs only 66g, it is still perfectly durable.

Buttons aside, the wider user experience is great. The two rubberized base pads glide smoothly over most surfaces, and the 16,000 DPI optical sensor has a customizable take-off distance that can be adjusted below 1mm (depending on your mouse pad). The overall sensitivity of the mouse is fantastic.

There aren't a lot of buttons here (Image Credit: Future)

Extremely light weight and take-off distance make it an ideal mouse for specific purposes. A reduced take-off distance is perfect for camera control in games, especially for players who prefer lower sensitivities. It also offers a smoother experience in 3D design software, although the Kone Pure Ultra is very clearly marketed as a gaming mouse.

Of course, that means RGB lighting, because God forbids all play materials to be adorned with flashy LEDs. Fortunately, the Pure Ultra keeps it relatively subtle, with a bright Roccat logo that can be customized in the manufacturer's Swarm software, which also allows you to tweak other parameters such as the scrolling speed, the interrogation rate and the button allocation. The lighting is bright enough, but remains hidden under the palm during normal use to avoid distraction.

Of course, it comes with RGB lighting (Image credit: Future)

The price of seventy dollars can be a little intimidating, but most parts of this mouse feel worth it. The only exception is the rubber coated cable, which is a bit stiff and seems a bit cheap. This is not a breach of contract, we just want it to be woven or just better – the point where it meets the USB connector in particular seems to be in danger of breaking after prolonged use.

The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is a great mouse for the casual gamer or FPS fan who appreciates a clean and clutter-free experience. If you're a fan of mouse shortcuts in your games, however, the Pure Ultra doesn't quite have the level of customization we'd expect from gaming mice. That doesn't make it a bad product; there are simply more complex options available.

It works well for the price (Image credit: Future)

Buy it if …

You like light
At just sixty-six grams, the Kone Pure Ultra is as light as a mouse without sacrificing design integrity. Using it is somewhat liberating, although if you're used to a heavier mouse, there may be a short adjustment period.

You want to keep it simple
Gaming mice seem to have more and more buttons these days. This reviewer has a mouse with twelve additional buttons, but if you prefer a more streamlined mouse experience, the Kone Pure Ultra has you covered.

You have a fancy fabric mouse pad
The ultra-low take-off distance settings for the Kone Pure Ultra require the use of certain fabric mouse pads. If you've ever splashed any of these to reduce your take-off distance, the Pure Ultra can probably do even better than your current mouse.

Don't buy it if …

You like mouse shortcuts
Two additional buttons beyond the normal mouse model may seem like a lot to some people, but this is not necessarily the case for gamers. If you prefer to keep your fingers glued to the WASD and control your games from your mouse, the Kone Pure Ultra doesn't have the buttons for that.

You want to control your weight
Adjustable mouse weighting has been popularized more recently by game-oriented mouse brands, allowing players to refine their mouse handling. The Kone Pure Ultra has none of this; What you see is what you get.

You are on a budget
Seventy dollars is a perfectly reasonable asking price for this mouse, but it is not cheap. If you're looking for an economical gaming mouse with a similar button layout, there are certainly better places to look.

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