Roccat Kain 202 AIMO review

Roccat Kain 202 AIMO review

The new Roccat Kain 200 AIMO has been updated and we played with this pearly white gaming mouse. The Roccat Kain 202 AIMO is admirable for its ability to do one thing really well: to be a mouse.

If this seems strange to you, let's develop it. Gaming mice have evolved considerably over the past decade, with the emergence of features such as real-time DPI adjustment, many additional programmable buttons, and sniper mode keyboard shortcuts.

The Roccat Kain 202 AIMO is obviously a gaming mouse, but it gives up many Flotsam features that take away some of its competitors. Priced at $ 99.99 (£ 89.99, AU $ 218) for the white model, it still retains what really matters, but the goal of this product is to make pointing and clicking as smooth, fast and comfortable as possible.

This immediately appears in the form of Roccat's “Titan Click” function. The mechanisms under the two main mouse buttons have been completely overhauled for Titan Click, resulting in an undeniably enjoyable experience. The two buttons have a satisfactory and reactive click thanks to hidden hinges and low tolerance springs.

The Titan Click mechanism has been revised (Image credit: Future)

The real mechanical star of this mouse is certainly the scroll wheel. Not only is the Titan Wheel 2.0 (yes, they named it too) fun to scroll, but it offers a heavy click of the wheel with great physical feedback.

This design quality also extends to the rest of the mouse. The two side buttons and DPI switch all feel responsive, and the overall shape of the mouse fits comfortably under the palm despite the lack of a thumb rest. The Roccat Kain 202 AIMO weighs a little over a hundred grams, and it's very pleasant to use.

The battery life of 50 hours – depending on the RGB brightness – is respectable for any wireless mouse, although we wish that Roccat did not specifically shape the microUSB charging port of the mouse to guarantee use of cable included. It's a frustrating trend with a lot of technical equipment right now; if you lose the cable that came with the Roccat Kain 202 AIMO, you can't replace it with an inexpensive microUSB power cable.

The installation process is also relatively simple; just plug in the tiny USB dongle and go. Using Roccat's Swarm software is a must here, allowing you to change all kinds of settings, from DPI profiles to automatic standby modes. Fortunately, Swarm is an easy-to-use program and doesn't try to clutter your PC with unnecessary add-ons like some hardware control software.

We mentioned RGB lighting earlier – it is there, but it is relatively dim, with rainbow LEDs with soft pulses under the scroll wheel and the Roccat logo. It looks pretty good and flashes briefly with specific colors when you press the DPI profile change button to adjust your sensitivity on the fly.

RGB lighting is configurable (Image credit: Future)

Assuming that most players will want to keep their DPI control and left-right clicks, this leaves two buttons to remap for the game (three if you include the scroll wheel button). It's certainly not enough for MMORPG fans, but for shooters and action games, it should work well.

Our latest review of the Roccat Kain 202 AIMO may sound mean, but it's still frustrating. A small USB dongle connects the 202 to your computer, but there's nowhere to store it on the body of the mouse itself, as many other wireless mice offer. It's probably not a problem if you're using a desktop computer, but if you want a wireless mouse for your laptop, it may not be the best choice.

The dongle is not ideal (Image credit: Future)

Overall, however, it's hard not to like the Kain 202 AIMO. It feels really good in the hand, the mat finish almost soft to the touch. It is tacky and feels fairly durable, and while the bright white color worries us about wear and tear, Roccat promises that the anti-wear hybrid coating is also resistant to dirt. It’s a good wireless mouse, simple and simple.

Above all, the Roccat Kain 202 AIMO works well (Image credit: Future)

Buy it if …

You want simple performance
The Kain 202 AIMO is not an overly sophisticated mouse, but it looks decent and performs admirably. If everything you use for your mouse points and clicks, the 202 does it better than most competitors.

You appreciate the robust design
It’s not a mouse that wins beauty contests, but the ergonomic design is always deadly; it's comfortable to use even for long periods of time and the exterior is durable, prepared for office or on-the-go computing.

You like tweaking your devices
Roccat's Swarm software isn't overly complex, but it works well and is easy to navigate, making it ideal for players who like to play with their hardware settings.

Don't buy it if …

You play MMO
The same goes for many strategy games and MOBA. The Kain 202 is a great mouse, but it lacks the external buttons that make other gaming mice better equipped for games that require many keyboard shortcuts.

You need ultimate portability
Many USB wireless mice on the go have a slot inside the mouse chassis to store the USB dongle. The Kain 202 does not. It doesn't bother us much, but if it bothers you, avoid this mouse.

You are on a budget
The Kain 202 AIMO is a hundred dollars. For our money, it's worth the price; it’s a great product that does its job very well. But if you just want a standard wireless gaming mouse, there are cheaper options available.

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