Robots rob jobs now, but they also create 20 new jobs in the future
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Robots rob jobs now, but they also create 20 new jobs in the future

Robots are gradually robbing us of our current jobs. But do not be pessimistic because they will also create new jobs from new technologies.

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According to consulting firm Cognizant, in the next 10 to 15 years, 12% of jobs in the US will be replaced by machines but an additional 21 million jobs will be created from new technologies.

Below is a list of 20 jobs that can be created by robots that will appear in the future, some of which are quite fiction but some are simply a development of new ones. the current popular.

1. Data detective

Data detective

Currently, many companies place great importance on obtaining information from the data of people who have or will buy products. In the future, this work will go a bit further, data detectors will analyze data from IoT devices, mesh networks, neural networks … of users to provide for businesses and organizations that need it. A clear view of the database.

2. Make friends with the elderly

Make friends with the elderly

In the future, as human life expectancy is getting higher and higher thanks to the advancement of medical technology, the number of elderly people is higher than ever. But this elderly person needs to talk to someone. Meanwhile, walking with the elderly, listening to them talk about everything will become a professional job.

3. Expert in building AR itineraries (augmented reality)

Expert built AR journey (augmented reality)

The AR itinerary specialist is the writer, designer and builder of an AR world journey for users to experience. They are the ones who open up the world of entertainment experiences in the future.

4. Smart urban analyst

Smart urban analyst

In the future, smart cities and cities will rely on a range of sensors that are embedded everywhere to collect data and keep services like energy and waste collection active. And if a city tracking sensor breaks down, it needs to be repaired and that’s the job of a smart urban analyst.

5. AI salesman

AI salesman

In the near future, AI (artificial intelligence) cannot sell its own labor. Therefore, companies that provide AI computing services will be born and they need salespeople to find customers using AI.

6. AI-powered healthcare technicians

AI-powered healthcare technicians

In the future, patients will not need to go to the hospital for medical examination because thanks to the support of AI, health care technicians will come to their place to diagnose them.

7. Personal data broker

Personal data broker

In the future, service providers like Facebook will no longer be able to sell users’ data, but users will sell their personal data. At that time, transactions would be more convenient with the help of a personal data broker.

8. Fitness advisor

Fitness advisor

Unfortunately, in the future the world’s population will become increasingly obese. People are becoming more and more lazy, so they will be equipped with a bracelet connected to a fitness advisor who encourages and gives helpful tips on exercising.

9. Highway operator

Highway operator

Self-driving cars and drones will be the main means of human mobility in the future. Meanwhile, to ensure that all vehicles are managed effectively, every highway will need to be operated.

10. Staff recruited according to genetic genes

Staff recruited according to genetic genes

Future employers need to ensure their workforce is the best inherited genetically inherited by others.

11. Information technology instructor

Information technology instructor

This work is a combination of information technology activities and the company’s overall strategy to create a self-service IT platform. Information technology instructors will be responsible for assisting companies in building IT systems and training employees to use them for work.

12. Digital tailor

Digital tailor

Tailors in the future will have equipment that collects customer data to know their exact measurements. Thanks to that, clothes made will certainly make customers happy, reducing the rate of return of goods.

13. Financial advisor

Financial advisor

Bitcoin and virtual currencies will gradually replace cash in the future. At that time, the security issue was extremely important, the possibility of “money leakage” occurred very high. Therefore, we will need the help of financial advisors to track all digital transactions and optimize financial resources.

14. Director of gene catalog

Director of gene catalog

Thanks to DNA analysis and CRISPR editing technology, humans can improve genes at will. Biotechnology companies will create new drugs to meet those human needs. And the gene portfolio director will be responsible for creating a strategy to market and deliver those drugs to consumers.

15. Personal memory manager

Personal memory manager

In the future, people will live longer and at some point their memory will no longer lucid. Therefore, the personal memory manager will be responsible for working with customers to create a virtual world of their own by replicating events that happened in the past of patients. In addition, this person will be responsible for managing a part of temporary memory that customers want after having memory loss.

16. Production management

Production manager

In the future, people and machines will cooperate with each other in the manufacturing process. The manager will have to find the strengths and weaknesses of the two people and the machine, then combine them to get the most productive production team.

17. Quantum Machine Learning process analyst

Quantum Machine Learning process analyst

This work is responsible for solving real-world business problems faster and more efficiently by combining quantum information processing with Machine Learing. The ultimate goal is to create an intelligent system that can learn from existing data.

18. Computer extension specialist

Computer extension specialist

Fortune magazine has predicted this job in the future. Computing expansion specialists will be responsible for upgrading companies’ internet infrastructure systems into an advanced computing system to expand the space and processing capacity for huge amounts of data of yourself.

19. Head of trust department

Head of trust department

In the future, investors will work closely together and require organizations and companies to operate more transparent. But, underground virtual currency transactions have also grown stronger and expanded like never before. Therefore, trust officers will be responsible for eliminating doubts and proving to investors that their money is used for clean, safe and profitable activities.

20. Managing and supervising company rules

Managing and supervising company rules

The task of the supervisory manager is to ensure that all employees strictly follow the company’s rules and that all indirect expenditures must be commensurate with the value of the shareholders. For example, when a company prioritizes the interests of its employees, the internal supervisor will have to check and monitor all working conditions of the entire company.

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