[Rò rỉ] Galaxy S11 will be Samsung's first flagship using a new sensor, 64 MP?

[Rò rỉ] Galaxy S11 will be Samsung's first flagship using a new sensor, 64 MP?

The highly reliable @Universelce source on Twitter has revealed the Galaxy Note10 to be the last phone to be equipped with a 12 MP sensor currently used by Samsung on flagship models. Instead, Samsung Galaxy S11 will be fully upgraded with new sensors.



PhoneArena compared the image quality of Galaxy S generations, not much improvement, details here.

There is a fact that since Galaxy S7 is now S10, Samsung still uses 12 MP sensors, the S10 / S10 + still uses 12 MP sensor (1 / 2.55 "- 1.4 µm) for the main camera and 12 MP ( 1 / 3.6 "- 1.0 µm) for telephoto cameras besides a 16 MP 1.0 µm sensor for ultra wide-angle cameras. This 12 MP sensor is also used by Samsung on Galaxy S9 / S9 +, Galaxy S8 / S8 +, S7 / S7 Edge, Note9 / Note8 / Note7 and soon to be Note10 / Note10 +. It can be said that the image quality has not improved much even though Samsung has added lenses on later flagships and upgraded the software to make the photos better. If Samsung uses a new sensor, the camera quality on Samsung phones will be significantly improved and of course depending on the type of sensor, from there the Samsung phone will be able to return to the list of smartphoen photos. the best.

According to @Universelce: Note10 equipped with S5K2L4 sensor like Galaxy S10 and since S11, the camera will create a new start. It is unclear how new camera parameters are but Samsung has developed a 64 MP sensor for smartphones. This is a very large resolution for photo sensors for mobile devices because currently "super-resolution" phones like Xiaomi Mi 9, Honor View 20 only stop at 48 MP resolution with touch turn IMX586 from Sony. And of course, because the sensor is developed by Samsung, it will be equipped first on its phones.


Samsung's new 64 MP sensor.

It is unclear whether the Galaxy S10 is the first Samsung smartphone to be equipped with a 64 MP sensor, but the upgrade to a high-end camera will happen. Remember, not long ago, Korea's ET News revealed the 64 MP sensor information that Samsung will use on Galaxy A70S – a mid-range phone, likely to be an upgrade of Galaxy A70. This is further reinforced when CEO DJ Koh told CNBC that the company will "bring different technologies and features to the device, starting from the mid-range." So the ability of the Galaxy A70S will be a test of 64 MP sensor before putting on the flagship line like Galaxy S11, expected to be released in February 2020.


P / S: Cover photo is a render product from rumors of Galaxy S11, especially based on an invention submitted by Samsung on a device with a horizontal screen that extends horizontally, pulling out twice as wide.

According to the: Universelce @Twitter; TechRadar


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