Risks of weight loss products

Risks of weight loss products

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The increase in the number of obese people in the world combined with media promotion to seek the definition of the body and thinness makes more and more people try to use medicines and other products to lose weight without prescription or medical control. The health risks of this conduct are many. The use of medicines should be done under medical advice and only after proving that the change in eating habits and the practice of physical activity had no effect.

Internet shopping

Buying weight loss products on websites and non-specialized physical stores can be very dangerous for your health. First, not only is the product’s origin unknown, but its origin authenticity and effectiveness are not proven. They may not even comply with the quality control standards of the National Health Surveillance Agency.

In addition, many of the drugs sold over the internet are products withdrawn from circulation in pharmacies for not meeting the requirements of current legislation and containing prohibited substances, such as sibutramine, phenolphthalein and heavy metals.

Miracle Products

Don’t believe in miracle products, which guarantee excellent results in a very short time. Medicines and the like sold with advertisements that promise very fast effects do not have scientifically proven results and can be dangerous because of what may be present in your compositions.

‘Natural’ plants and products

The consumption of plants and other so-called natural products tends to be viewed by the public as something without risk. However, tests of control over this class of products have already shown that many of them have heavy metals and chemicals in composition and flaws in the label and package insert, which does not indicate contraindications and risks of drug interactions.

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