Riot: We just want the best for our players

Riot has said that only one League of Legends champion will be reworked in 2021, Dr. Mundo, the recently voted champion – Udyr – will be rescheduled to early 2022.

The primary reason affecting Riot’s progress is widely speculated to be the global epidemic COVID-19. Having received this news, many League of Legends gamers who love Udyr are also less disappointed because at least Udyr has not been remade, so this will still become a hot pick in the meta after years of being abandoned by the gaming community.

League of Legends - Riot: We just want the best for our players

On the other hand, Riot Games still announced that it will keep the same schedule to launch 3 new generals related to Viego in 2021. This makes many gamers wonder and speculate that Riot Games is doing so because of the profits earned from the release of new generals. In many previous reports, the community realized that the revenue from new champions along with the bundle of skins gave Riot more benefits than the remake of the old champion.

League of Legends - General Rung received bad news from Riot Games in update 11.4

After seeing the community increasingly “speculating” and giving incorrect issues about the new general launch plan, engineer Riot Reave recently confirmed the rumor was not true. In addition, they also confirmed that the champion design team had the main goal of increasing in-game experience, not profit, which also meant that the team wanted the most to attract more players for League of Legends.

League of Legends - Riot: We just want the best for our players

Riot’s reduction in champion remake projects was due to the fact that each champion remake resulted in a number of players giving up playing League of Legends, which was against the design team’s goal.

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