Riot in Belarus: Silhouette of Maidan Ukraine

Riot in Belarus: Silhouette of Maidan Ukraine

Demonstration after presidential election day Belarus

The presidential election in Belarus took place on August 9. According to preliminary data from the Central Election Commission, incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko won 80.23% of the vote, far ahead of second-placed opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya with less than 10%.

After the election results were announced, President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping was the first person to congratulate the “new” Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on his election victory, news agency Belta state reported.

“On behalf of the Chinese government and people, I would like to extend my warmest greetings and best wishes. I firmly believe that under your leadership, Belarus will definitely achieve new great success in state building “, Mr. Xi’s congratulation wrote.

In addition, Mr. Lukashenko also received a congratulatory message from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Kremlin press service, President Putin wrote: “I hope that your state activities will contribute to the further development of mutually beneficial relations between Russia and Belarus in all fields, deepening. stronger cooperation within the framework of the National Union, building integration processes through the Eurasian Economic Union and CIS, as well as military-political relations in the Collective Security Treaty Organization This certainly meets the basic interests of the two ethnic groups of Russia and Belarus.

However, Ms. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya stated not to recognize the results, noting that data from polling stations in all regions of the republic showed she had reached 70-80% of the vote. This opposition candidate also claimed to be the winner of the presidential election in Belarus.

Immediately after the preliminary election results, from the night of 10/8, in a number of Belarusian cities including the capital Minsk began to break out illegal protests turned riot. The police force in Minsk used stun grenades, tear gas and tornado, [có nguồn tin còn cho biết có cả cả đạn cao su] to dissolve protesters.

Bao loan in Belarus: Maidan Ukraine figure

Protests in Belarus have turned into riots on a large scale

However, all night from August 10 to August 11, protests and clashes with police did not settle down in Belarus.

Then, the Belarus Investigation Commission criminally prosecuted the riots that took place in Minsk and other cities of the country. Accordingly, the defendants will face sentences of 8-15 years in prison.

Tikhanovskaya asked Lukashenko to transfer power

On August 10, opposition candidate Tikhanovskaya declared himself the winner of the presidential election in Belarus and asked Lukashenko to transfer power “peacefully” in Belarus.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said she did not take into account the tough government’s response to suppressing protests that took place after the vote ended in the presidential election on August 9.

“I was sure the government would not behave like this,” Ms. Tikhanovskaya said at a press conference in Minsk on August 11 and stressed that what happened in the country yesterday was unacceptable. The government in Lukashenko’s hands was “separated from the people”.

This politician calls it a crime for people to be cut off on August 10. “In the past we asked the authorities not to use violence, but not to listen,” said Tikhanovskaya.

She believes the government “has become distant from the people” and is trying to maintain its position by force, “disproportionate measures”. [ám chỉ việc chính quyền sử dụng biện pháp mạnh để giải tán người biểu tình] was taken against the people of the country.

“We support changes in peace. The government should now think about how to safely transfer power. Right now, their only way is to use violence against civilians. I will do everything I can to prevent this from happening again, “said the” self-proclaimed president “woman.

With these statements, it seems that the opposition in Belarus will not accept defeat and the situation in this country in the coming days will be even more complicated.

The case of Belarus announcing the arrest of 33 “Russian mercenaries” on the eve of the election does not seem as simple as it is seen on the outside, but it also shows a huge conspiracy appeared in this country.

Bao loan in Belarus: Maidan Ukraine figure

Opposition candidate Einil Tikhanovskaya declared the winner and demanded that Lukashenko transfer power in peace

Belarus are facing the way of Ukraine?

On the eve of the Belarusian presidential election, Alexander Lukashenko talked about the threat that could bring the country down, coming from the opposition forces and the need for the Minsk administration to stop the threat that could collapse the country Maidan style.

During the election campaign, several opposition leaders such as famous blogger Serge Tikhanovsky (early May) and candidate Viktor Babariko (early July) were arrested.

But Serge Tikhanovsky’s wife, Einil Tikhanovskaya, has nominated herself to take the position and has received enthusiastic support from her husband’s supporters.

On June 30, the Central Election Commission in Minsk officially allowed Babariko and Tikhanovskaya to join the campaign, after reviewing the signatures of their supporters.

The polls conducted from May 20 to 22 showed that only 3 to 6.24% of voters supported Lukashenko, and former Belgazprombank’s CEO Victor Babariko clearly dominated. , with the support of 50 – 54.9% of the respondents.

However, Mr. Babariko who was arrested by the Belarusian KGB was suspected of tax evasion at Belgazprombank (a subsidiary of Gazprombank Russia), where he previously led.

The Ministry of the Interior emphasized that the detention of Serge Tikhanovsky and Victor Babariko was not politically related, but because of their violations of law.

However, Western media said that the veteran President of Belarus is trying to eliminate political opponents to continue to hold power in this country. If Lukashenko wins the election, another color revolution in Eastern Europe is likely to happen in Belarus.

With the latest manifestations of the Belarusian opposition, we see that the current manifestations in this country vaguely reveal the so-called Maidan-style ‘democratic path’ that threatens to emerge. Minsk, similar to that in Kiev in 2014.

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