Rimouski Five months in prison for spying on his friends

Rimouski Five months in prison for spying on his friends

Rimouskois Vincent-Bernard Couture received a five-month sentence for illegally entering a residence in addition to installing a camera to spy on its occupants.

The 41-year-old carpenter knew his victims since they were friends, which made the situation worse, according to Judge Luce Kennedy.

He and his wife trusted the residents and occasionally went there to water the plants; it was therefore easy for him to have access to the keys to the house.

In the fall of 2019, Couture broke into the residence and hid a camera in a smoke detector so that he could spy on and watch the occupants in their privacy.

A few days later, he returned to the scene to download the videos and move the camera to the master bedroom.

It was the couple’s daughter who noticed something unusual in the smoke detector that uncovered the hidden camera.

Police investigation revealed that the 41-year-old man left traces of his crime on his computer. Not only did he research the internet to find out how to carry out his plan, the police also got their hands on several videos of the victims.

Vincent-Bernard Couture pleaded guilty to voyeurism and break and enter.

The defense wanted a more lenient sentence, but Judge Kennedy took into consideration the aggravating elements such as planning and premeditation, breach of trust in setting the sentence. The Crown wanted six months in jail.

Crown attorney Isabelle Gavioli is satisfied with the sentence imposed on Vincent-Bernard Couture and believes that this type of crime is unfortunately likely to be more frequent due to new technologies.

“It is the kind of crime which is relatively new, which is frequent, but the problem is that we can have difficulty finding them and that can easily go unpunished,” explained Mr. Gavioli.


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