Ricoh believes that mirrorless camera users will return to DSLR within 1-2 years

Ricoh said that mirrorless is only "a fad", DSLR will reign in the next 1-2 years – VnReview

Camera brands are gradually shifting their focus from DSLR to mirrorless. Even, Canon decided to focus entirely on launching lenses for its new mirrorless RF line in 2019 and there are no plans for the EF mount.

But Ricoh does not believe that this trend will last long. They think that mirrorless users will return to DSLR in the nearest time.

In an interview with PetaPixel, the CEO at Ricoh, the company behind Pentax brand, shared the reason why Ricoh didn't have any plans to participate in the mirrorless camera market.

"Currently, mirrorless is a new trend, so, of course, many users will enjoy these new systems, they want to experience them."Marketing director Hiroki Sugahara at Ricoh said."But after another year or two, some users who switched from DSLR to mirrorless will return to the DSLR."

"I believe that", Sugahara continues."Because as I said before, each system has its own advantages and attractions. Mirrorless cameras are very convenient when shooting because users can view the final image taken before pressing the shutter button. But the appeal of DSLR is that users can create their own images from optical viewfinder.. "

"Users can see beautiful images through the optical viewfinder, then they will think about how they can be created, such as exposure settings (exposure). , white balance or ISO, and finally imagine what the results will look like."

Ricoh believes that mirrorless camera users will return to DSLR within 1-2 years

Optical viewfinder is the reason why Ricoh believes that mirrorless users will "love" DSLRs

"So, the DSLR market is currently falling a bit, but 1, 2 or even 3 years later, they will grow again. Photographers who own DSLR lenses on their own can go back to DSLR easily. They can buy a new DSLR body and easily integrate it into the DSLR system."

In summary, Ricoh believes that mirrorless is just a "fad" of the current camera industry, The decline in DSLR sales will also take place in a short time and they will soon grow again when photographers "realize the truth".

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