Rich daughter!She is the school girl of Beiying, because she bullied Dongyu Zhou, she was praised as Xiao Zhang Ziyi

Rich daughter!She is the school girl of Beiying, because she bullied Dongyu Zhou, she was praised as Xiao Zhang Ziyi

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Every year, the admission season of Beijing Film and Chinese Opera will welcome outstanding students from all over the country. Those who can enter these two Chinese star-making schools are outstanding among ordinary people in appearance and talent.

Female celebrities like Yang Zi and Zhou Dongyu, who are now top-notch flowers, are known for their beauty in the entertainment industry and have the title of beautiful ceiling, all from the Beijing Film Academy.

Everyone is very important in the entertainment industry, that is, good looks, good conduct, and professional attitude. No acting skills can be tempered by time to make up for the shortcomings, but without the basic principles of being a person, then even if you have grown up to be all-powerful, it is impossible to stay in the entertainment industry for long.

However, for young actors who currently have resources in the entertainment industry and have good exposure, they are still remarkable in terms of being a person and doing things.

Today, I’m going to tell you about the young actor Zhou Ye, who is often on the hot search these days.

Zhou Ye, born in 1998, has the temperament of a wealthy daughter. When she was in Beijing Film School, she was famous on the campus for her beauty. At the same time, she was a school flower of Beijing Film University. She has a fresh and refined appearance. Zhou also played an important role in many movies.

In the movie “Youth”, she played Wei Lai, a female student of Chen Nian played by Dongyu Zhou, a bully on campus.

In the movie, Wei Lai’s character is a campus goddess, beautiful and cute, with excellent grades, and a wealthy family. It can be said that everyone is loved and the flowers bloom.

But under this beautiful face, Wei Lai possesses a snake-hearted heart. He treats Chen Nian very viciously, and always insults and beats him.

One set before and one behind. Zhou Ye’s interpretation of Wei Lai’s innocence in front of people and the viciousness of behind is very good, especially in the later stage of the movie, when the police went to campus for violent evidence collection, the innocence in her eyes and the naivety of facing the police. Innocent, all fully demonstrated her solid acting skills.

Although the brilliance of the whole movie is on Zhou Dongyu and Yi Yan Qianxi, Zhou Ye’s performance also left a deep impression on the audience, and many people remembered this new actor with acting skills and good looks. .

It is said that being able to play the bad guys makes everyone gritted their teeth and can’t help but yells, which shows that the role is successful.

As an actor, whether decent or villain, plays a good role, is recognized by the audience, and is definitely a good actor by the industry.

In this little girl born in 1998, what we see is this dedication and love for acting.

In fact, Zhou had already filmed several film and television dramas before “You Are”. Since 2019, she has participated in “The Bizarre Tycoon”, “Unbelievable” and “Our Southwest Associated University”.

When she first entered the show business circle, her performances in these film and television dramas were remarkable, and she did not really receive attention.

After “Young You”, Zhou also entered the public’s field of vision, and also emerged in the entertainment circle, because of bullying Zhou Dongyu.

Zhou Ye, who has this angel face, showed another cool side when he appeared in fashion magazines. Wearing a black suit and flaming red makeup, a cool aura is exuded all over the body.

When participating in the event, Zhou also stood dignified, quiet and polite, standing in the crowd is also a beautiful flower in full bloom, it is indispensable to notice.

Even if the star-studded Zhou on the stage is also a quiet girl with a cold face, in fact Zhou Ye in private, like other girls of the same age, has a naughty side.

Zhou Ye, who has a face of first love on campus, is very popular with boys. In her small body, there is a huge power that we can’t imagine.

From the beginning of the Beijing Film Festival, Zhou has also attracted much attention. Because of his good looks, he was called the school girl of the Beijing Film Festival. After his debut, he was signed by Li Xue, and he was in the same class with star stars such as Li Bingbing and Zhao Liying.

Then after participating in “Youth in Youth”, her acting skills were recognized again. Such stardom and opportunities are really rare in the Chinese entertainment circle.

After Zhou Ye became popular, many people found that Zhou Ye’s bones were surprisingly similar to the International Chapter, so he was praised as Xiao Zhang Ziyi.

Although Zhou’s fledgling acting experience is not comparable to Zhang Ziyi, it can be seen from this nickname that the outside world still has high expectations for her, and I hope she can achieve Zhang Ziyi’s achievements in the future.

I believe that Zhou Ye has a lingering fear of having this nickname in Zhou Ye’s heart. After all, she and Zhang Ziyi are too far apart.

However, under the pressure of this halo, I hope that Zhou will be able to walk step by step like Zhang Ziyi, not to become complacent just because he has achieved a little, and to make some improper words and deeds to ruin his just-started career.

I hope that this 98-year-old girl can accumulate a lot of money, and after “Young You”, take every next step, embark on a better and brighter road, and bring us more good works.

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